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Recruitment Website ‘design’ … the familiar challenge

By Dave Haygarth   November 30, 2009  
One thing we seem to have to deal with when building recruitment websites more often than not is explaining the difference between web design and web development. The scenario my colleague Dave Bancroft always refers to is that 'you wouldn't let a painter and decorator design your house'. That's not meant to be disparaging to website designers - graphic design has a massively important role to play in helping a website do its job - it's just that it's just part of the overall project. So many designers whose work we've had to unpick seem to have let form become more important than function...Read more about FXRecruiter here or call us on 08000 199 737

Google’s Own SEO Starter Guide

By Dave Haygarth   November 19, 2008  
Nothing new here, but a good starter guide for newbies, and a reminder of the basics.http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2008/11/googles-seo-starter-guide.html