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Recruit global talent with multi-region functionality

By Peter Morrow   October 28, 2021  
Recruiting international talent comes with many benefits – diversity, market insight, multiple languages, just to name a few. However, recruiters who want to recruit global talent often run into a problem. If recruiters based in one country decide to open an office in another, they can’t gain a local Google ranking, making them unable to get good traction among local candidates.  It doesn’t have to be this way! We’ll share with you our solution that allows you to widen your talent pool internationally.  The solution Our FXRecruiter software is a digital recruitment marketing system that shares jobs and content across channels. The recruitment platform has an extended feature for multi-region with geo-location, which helps you recruit global talent. What does it do? With FXRecruiter’s multi-region feature, you can create a different site in different parts of the world, all on the same website! You can tailor your website to present the following differently: Content pages (even the homepage) Sectors and specialisms  Jobs Teams Imagery and videos Blogs News ...wherever you are in the world!  FXRecruiter displays it all automatically based on where you are. However, users can always switch between regions as they please. What is a multi-regional website? A multi-regional website is one that explicitly targets users in different countries around the world. For example, if a product manufacturer ships to both Canada and the United States, Google Search would try to find the right local page for the searcher.  How do they do this? By using generic country codes for top-level domains, also known as ccTLDs, for specific countries. Examples of ccTLDs include: Australia = .as Netherlands = .nl Singapore = .sg Or generic regional top-level domains, which can cover many countries. Europe = .eu Asia = .asia What are the benefits of a multi-regional website with FXRecruiter? Have you ever tried to Google “restaurants near me”? The results you would get in London will be very different from those in Tokyo. Even at a local level, such as for those searching for restaurants in W1 (Soho) and WC2 (Covent Garden), the results would be very different, even though they are less than half a mile apart. And a website based in Tokyo with information on restaurants in London simply won’t figure at all in results. This ‘local’ philosophy is vital for just about everything, from finding public transport near your location to shops in your vicinity ... and jobs too. The search engines, including Google, apply the same ‘local’ philosophy when searching for jobs. When they search, Google will show jobs near the user location, for example, “IT Project Manager jobs near me”. The results vary depending on the searcher location: Example 1 - User based in Warrington searching for the terms “IT Project Manager jobs” - unsurprisingly the search results are for jobs in or near Warrington. Example 2 - User based in West London searching for the terms “IT Project Manager jobs”  - the search results are for jobs in or near West London.   As you would expect, the search in Warrington brings up job ads in the local area. The same is true for the investigation based in West London.  An agency based in Manchester needs the right SEO solution to help it advertise jobs abroad to attract local candidates. Local is what the user expects! This is the key benefit of a multi-regional website with our FXRecruiter software; it helps your agency website become local in the targeted location. Other benefits? Ensure job-seekers find your international jobs in the correct local environment You can target content more specifically at local audiences and convert prospective clients Present only the right content in the right places Convey more credible affinity with local markets Interested in learning more about FXRecruiter and how we can help grow your recruitment business? Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss how we can help. We have packages to suit all budgets and drive your competitive advantages. Contact us here or give us a call 08000 199737.  Key takeaways Google likes to present locally in its search results for users FXRecruiter has an extended feature for multi-region with geo-location.  A multi-regional website is one that explicitly targets users in different countries around the world. Job search results will vary depending on the user’s location Recruiting global talent and attracting candidates local to clients jobs locations needs strategic SEO