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Attract more high-quality candidates with job notifications

By Peter Morrow   November 15, 2021  
Making sure that high-quality candidates are constantly browsing and searching your website is a significant challenge for recruiters in 2021 and beyond. Job notifications are an often overlooked way to attract more high-quality candidates. Job notifications are sometimes called email alerts. Anybody who has been on a job search in the last few years is likely already familiar with this. The major jobs boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed have job notification systems. Jobs are notified via email mailouts and when you log in. Individual recruitment businesses with their own jobs board, working in specific niches, are also frequent users of job notifications. The job-seeker only has to search a few keywords or job titles, hit subscribe and wait. Highest quality traffic coming from email alerts. It is certainly easier than doing the same repetitive searches every day. Waiting for the right opportunity to turn up! And that’s why job notifications are so helpful for recruiters looking to attract more high-quality candidates. Recent surveys bear that out – Job Board Doctor, 2021 report found 55% of those running jobs boards and recruitment websites see their highest quality traffic coming from email alerts. It’s a great way of tapping into the behavioural psychology of your likely candidates. The ease of steady notifications helps those seeking a better opportunity. While maintaining the demands of a full-time position. Automation avoids the daily grind of looking for the right opportunity. It will enable them to keep their eye on the ground rather than constantly be tracking down those excellent opportunities. Clients love them, too, as it ensures as many candidates will see their open position as possible. Additionally, notifications can serve different purposes for candidates. Set up multiple alerts; one example could be looking at temporary or lower-paid work near home. Or higher-paid permanent roles in a wider geographical area. Multiple ‘saved searches’ would normally then be bundled up into one ‘digest’ of any matching jobs added.  Wondering how to set up those job notifications? Our FXRecruiter software is here to help draw in the highest-quality candidates. Email alerts are just one of the many tools available to recruiters. With FXRecruiter, you can give your talent pools easy access to your best upcoming opportunities. Alongside one-click sign-up forms and more personalisation over their job search. Email alerts are also a great way to activate passive or inactive candidates, giving them a purpose in interacting with your business again. Of course, email alerts and job notifications work best when used with a larger talent attraction strategy. Sending signals to the best prospective employees out there that your recruitment business is the one to go to for your industry. A bespoke jobs board on your site, featuring job options for, particularly unique postings. Even including SMS or text alerts. Don’t forget this oft-overlooked feature! Get in touch today with one of our experts to discuss how we can help. We have packages to suit all budgets and drive your competitive advantages. Contact Reverse Deta or give us a call on 08000 199737.