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There are no secrets: Content is everything

By Dave Haygarth   December 15, 2011  
I don't know how many times and in how many ways I need to say this, but Google is not here for you - the content-creator. It is here for the person performing the search. As soon as you grasp this you will see how easy ... and how hard, Google's job is. It's easy because it just needs to work out what content is relevant to the search that this person is making.  It's hard, because Google needs to pick its way through all the people who are trying to outsmart it with trickery or black hat techniques. We so often say that content is king and that the job of your website is to deliver and present that content in the kind of way the Google can understand. If you're obsessed about how Google  ranks you because of your URL content, your page load speed, your meta values, then ... okay - good luck to you.  But wouldn't this all be time better spent on focusing on creating better, more interesting, more valuable content for your website??  I really think so. Matt Cutts does, too.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JD55e5h5JM450 of the best quality PhD students employed by Google are persistently trying to make Googlebot smarter. Are you more clever than them?