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Recruiting for your own recruitment agency

By Peter Morrow   October 28, 2021  
When recruiting staff for other companies, make sure you don't forget yourselves! To grow your recruitment or staffing agency, you will need to recruit the right team members to fill vacancies. Getting your employer branding right is key. This article aims to provide you with actionable tips on recruiting staff for your agency. Tip #1: Strengthen your employer branding A company’s reputation matters more than ever. Job seekers want to know about an organisation’s company culture before they even apply for a position. 86% of employees would not apply to or continue to work for a company with a poor reputation among former employees or the general public.  Your employer brand is your reputation and your employees’ perception of you as an employer. To retract and retain top talent, you must have a positive reputation.  How can you strengthen your employer brand? Conduct an employer brand audit Create a robust onboarding process Tell your company story through content   Tip #2: Use your website to attract staff Your website is essentially your online business card. It provides information to your clients about what you do, who you serve, and how you can help them. But it can also be a place to recruit new talent to your agency. By having a web page dedicated to promoting roles at your agency for those interested in recruitment, you can transform your clients browsing your site into your new employees! Take a look at the pros and cons of possible solutions that Reverse Delta can provide for you:   Pro: Having a recruitment webpage is inexpensive, and you can do it yourself using the FXRecruiter CMS. Con: A ‘home cooked’ page may look functional. Check out an example of one of our client’s recruitment web pages here.   Pro: Our creative services team will design a great looking page to promote your employer branding to potential employees. Con: Cost involved.   Pro: A separate recruitment website is a strategic solution for medium to large businesses with growth needs to fill. It also makes an objective statement about your brand. Con: Cost and time commitment involved.    Tip #3: Use your social media connections With the number of people using social media platforms daily, you could well find your next talent is recruited on social media. You can use your agency social media pages to promote your employer branding and the benefits of being a recruiter at your agency. And of course, this is low cost, just requiring an investment of time and a little flair. Here are a few content ideas you can use to recruit talent through social media: Post employee testimonials Glassdoor, Comparably or similar reviews from current and former staff Share your company story Showcase what your company culture is like   Interested in learning more about how our creative services can help you develop your employer branding to recruit those interested in working in recruitment? Get in touch today with one of our experts to discuss how we can help. Contact our team here or give us a call at 08000199737.   Key takeaways Ensure your employer branding represents your business accurately Job seekers want to know about an organisation’s company culture before they even apply for a position. Your website can be a place to recruit new talent to your agency. You could very well find your next talent recruit on social media.