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The long, slow and painful death of Microsoft IE8

By Steve Riley   January 7, 2016  
If you ever get chatting to a group of web developers (poor you!) it won't be long before they start moaning about the difficulty of supporting multiple browsers and browser versions. Developers have long since got used to working around each browser's foibles and quirks, to make everything appear seamless to end users. But that job might just be about to get easier as Microsoft ceases support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. This move leaves Microsoft users the choice of IE11 and the excellent new Microsoft Edge browser, launched alongside Windows 10. A final security patch will be issued 12 January and that's your lot. It won't suddenly disappear or stop working but you'll be nagged to upgrade. Any bugs will remain unfixed and security holes unfilled. The move was long-flagged by Microsoft, announced in April 2014, and organisations should take this is a cue to UPGRADE. Some large corporates have a habit of locking down their IT infrastructure and sticking with old software long past the sell by date. This has always been more about convenience for the IT department than the end user experience. This is finally the prompt to upgrade old, creaky systems. If for no other reason than you'll leave yourself exposed to security flaws in the future. Bear in mind that IE8 was launched almost 7 years ago — almost an eternity in Internet Years. Do yourself a favour and upgrade your browser if you're still running one of these dinosaurs! More here: www.theverge.com Microsoft end of life notes

Google ‘Mobile-geddon’ is coming

By Dave Haygarth   April 14, 2015  
…and sooner than you think We don’t want to frighten you, but you should at least be concerned. Significant changes are coming on April 21st that WILL affect your search engine rankings. The cards will fall one of two ways. If you’re on the right side of the cut, congratulations - you’ll feature higher than some of your competitors. If not, your more agile competitors are about to get a boost at your expense. A couple of questions: Do you care about your Google rankings? Silly question, of course you do. Is your current website mobile friendly? And by that we mean one of two things — you have a separate mobile website, OR your main site is built using a responsive design (it displays equally happily on a desktop, laptop, tablet, tv, smartphone …or whatever else your visitors are using). If the answer to the second question is ‘No!’ you’re about take a tumble down the search engine rankings, very soon. Why is this? Because Google is about to make ‘mobile-friendly’ a critical indicator for rankings. Quite simply, you’ll need either a responsive design site or a mobile-specific site to stand any chance of a better ranking. Check for yourself But you don’t need to take our word for it. Pick a search, any search, here’s a sample set of results from Google telling you more: http://goo.gl/k3D2yL Why should you care? Why should you be concerned about how your website looks on mobiles and tablets? The short answer: because your visitors are using their mobiles to visit your site. And this is particularly true in recruitment, where potential candidates are avoiding the corporate network when looking at your site. The more stark answer is, ‘because Google says you HAVE to care’. How do I know if I my site is ok? Open your website in your favourite browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE, etc) and resize the window – make it as big as you can, make it tall and thin, make it short and fat, just fiddle with the size and shape. Does the site content resize and redraw elegantly so the content still makes sense? Look-up your site using your smartphone – does it look usable? Do the menus collapse down elegantly and still remain usable? If yes, you're ok with the latest Google changes. If no, think seriously if you can take the hit. We all want to be high in the search rankings and we’re all by now used to this taking a bit of effort. This time it may require a bit of investment too.   Find out more Talk to us if you want to know more about how these changes will affect your site. We'd be delighted to help. Call us on 08000 199 737 or get in touch here.   Useful resources http://validator.w3.org/mobile/ https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

UK government ignores Internet Explorer hacker fears

By Dave Haygarth   January 19, 2010  
The British government and armed forces are to continue their widespread use of the version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser that was attacked by Chinese hackers who broke into Google's corporate network – even though both the French and German governments have advised people to stop using it. The Cabinet Office, which oversees the deployment of computers in government, said today that "it doesn't think the issue [of being open to hacking] would be resolved any better by going elsewhere". Originally found on The Guardian site... read the story in full here UK ignores fears over Internet Explorer despite French and German warnings | Technology | guardian.co.uk.