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2mbps – are we supposed to laugh or cry?

By Dave Haygarth   April 24, 2009  
The government's budget commitments are good material for making people cross - usually more so than they make people happy (but it does happen!).The UK government has signalled its commitment in Tuesday's budget to ensuring everyone in the country has access to broadband speeds of two megabits per second by 2012. Earlier this year Lord Carter set out his interim recommendations for Digital Britain, in which he proposed a Universal Service for broadband.See the latest news on it here...The news articles from 1999 talking about the expectations of 2Mbps are here. It looked realistic then; before youtube, iplayer, and the likes.  What's round the corners waiting to make 2mbps look ridiculous?  Oh hang on.. by 2012, it already will be.  Good inside the box thinking.