For some customers, and for larger maintenance tasks or phases of work, we will normally require a deposit, carry out the work as estimated, then invoice final amounts on delivery of that work, but for some smaller tasks – usually things less than a couple of hours, it’s less time-consuming for us – and hence less costly for you – to ask for pre-paid support on your account.

You’re probably on this page because you’ve been sent here and it’s appropriate to you – please purchase a suitable package by contacting who will arrange billing via GoCardless. We will then contact you about any work you have raised in the support form and will reconcile any work carried out against the balance.

How it works

Credits purchased will be allocated to your account on notification of payment. These will be used to pay for chargeable support requests such as making site changes, enhancements or adding new functionality to the site. Credits will not be used to resolve bugs.

Before any work is undertaken we will tell you if the work is considered chargeable and try to provide an estimate.

Credits will be used in blocks of 15 minutes and at the end of each support or maintenance incident we’ll let you know how many credits you’ve used and the balance on the account.

Once your account reaches a low level we will remind you so you can top-up with further credits if you wish.