Jems Recruitment

Often in our business clients will say “We’re different, we’re not like other recruiters” and this can be more or less true to different degrees. These guys meant it. With a genuinely fresh approach to their website and a concurrent rebranding they brought a thoughtful, considered perspective to all the decisions made along the way, from first enquiry to website launch. It’s a delight to have a client that takes the time to work out what’s best for them and along the way is happy to commission custom work to achieve their aims.

  • Mobile-friendly web design
  • Marketing rebrand exercise
  • Custom layout and custom web development
  • Blog integration
  • Instagram integration and featured hashtags

Jems run a small-ish team but with ambitions and future planning of a much bigger setup. They’ve even designed certain features that are not yet implemented, for a possible second phase. Their own marketing machine is busy pumping out new content and the new website gives them the engine they need to support that, with blog integration, featured Instagram posts and their own hashtags.

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