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Job ads: put your readers first …or Google will

By Steve Riley   January 25, 2022  
Job ads - ensure you put your readers first with quality job descriptions! Or Google will offer them quality job ads from your competitors' websites.   Google for jobs is changing and this affects your recruitment website. Google itself is getting better and better at behaving more like a person and less like a machine. Good content rises up the rankings. This article points out a few things to avoid in your job ads and gives a few best practice tips. Putting your readers first is more important than trying to 'game the search engines' for better ranking. But these days the two things aren’t actually that far apart.  Google for jobs is making the rules Google is a behemoth and when they introduced Google for jobs, we all scrambled to support the schema and feature our jobs on another free platform. Win-win. But as we predicted back in 2018, they're not doing this from the goodness of their hearts. This was an early move in a bid to start owning the turf. The schema rules have slowly tightened up and become more prescriptive. If you want a listing, you follow the rules. No real downside yet. In the second half of 2021, Google added some more editorial rules, as well as the data field rules (so the data was correctly labelled and presented). Now they're starting to tell us how to write. Fortunately, their guidance follows solid common sense and supports plain English.  Anyone paying attention to Google Search Console updates may have seen these extra requirements creeping in. If you value your readers you have nothing to worry about. Quick summary: don't spam the page with obstructive text and images avoid excessive and distracting ads avoid content that doesn't add any value to the job posting don’t send the reader off to a different website to make them apply. Use plain English! All well and good. Now they've also got your old English teacher on the case with new rules around grammar, punctuation and capitalisation. Extra requirements: follow basic grammar rules use proper capitalisation (business writing often trips up with excessive capitalisation of Words That Aren't Really Proper Nouns) avoid writing text in ALL CAPS only use acronyms or abbreviations that are widely understood (another common pitfall of business writing). The implication is that badly presented job ads will not feature as well as those better written and presented. Being direct, Google will promote well-written job ads in its suggested results to users. While dropping badly written job ads down towards the bottom of its results.  No arguments from us. Write well, use plain English, pay attention to grammar and punctuation. If not for your reader's sake, because Google tells you to! Our bespoke recruitment website platform FXRecruiter has excellent content management capabilities and is purpose-built to manage recruitment websites and jobs boards. Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss how FXRecruiter and Reverse Delta can help you. Contact Reverse Delta or give us a call on 08000 199737.

Be distinctive with your content

By Peter Morrow   December 8, 2021  
Making your recruitment website content truly distinctive Distinctive design and unique content should be a core aim for every recruitment website. One of the questions we ask our clients is, ‘what makes your agency genuinely unique?’ Ask yourself this question, too – why should your clients and candidates choose you and not one of your competitors? It’s all about standing out from the crowd and making your business personality shine through. The first impression you make is crucial – users decide in seconds whether to stay on your website. You should grab their attention with exciting content. Quality content will make them want to stay for longer. Aim to be Distinctive!   How to be distinctive? The answer is in developing your brand identity. You should aim to make it distinct and unforgettable. Focus on your brand’s tone of voice, values and visuals. Firstly, your brand’s tone of voice is the primary influence on how your brand is perceived by your clients and other prospective businesses in the industry. We recommend that you aim to define a distinct and clear tone of voice across your recruitment website. However, take into consideration both your audience as well as your overall goal. Make sure that you remain consistent across all the pages on your website. Consistency will make your business appear credible and authoritative while building a stronger connection with your audience. Secondly, your brand’s core values are also the key to differentiating your business. Values represent what your company stands for. Explaining your business values will connect with your audience. They should be a part of everything that your business does. Portray them in visuals such as your logo and colour scheme. Make it yours. Lastly, Influencing SEO is another reason why your recruitment agency website should be distinct. Content directly impacts SEO. Moreover, search engines, such as Google, prefer unique content which identifies you from your competitors. For example, Google considers quality, relevance and uniqueness when ranking websites in search results. Google is interested in unique quality content because it sets you apart from everyone else.   Focus on who visits your website A top-notch recruitment website design should always strive to cover what we like to call the three Cs:  Clients – one of your primary aims is to draw in and convert new clients. Candidates – another of your main aims is to successfully attract new candidates to the excellent jobs you are working to fill for your clients! Consultants – every agency wants to expand, and attracting the right people to work for your business is the key to expansion. Show your current team in the best light so clients and candidates can put a name to the face. In conclusion, we recommend that you think about generating a solid marketing strategy for each of the 3 Cs. At Reverse Delta, we can help you with this, utilising our superior knowledge of creating best-in-class recruitment websites.   We provide creative services for recruitment agencies to translate their business vision into the online world. Let us support you in making your recruitment website truly distinct!   Get in touch today with one of our experts to discuss the broad range of our creative services. Find out all about how we can help you to grow your agency online. Contact Reverse Delta, or give us a call on 08000 199737.

Job description tips to attract stronger candidates

By Peter Morrow   November 19, 2021  
A quality job description attracts more quality candidates The job description is ultimately what can decide whether a candidate applies for a job or not. Strong job descriptions will equal stronger applicants. So let’s get straight down to business and find out how to make descriptions work for you and your applicants.   Post your quality job description to your recruitment website This may seem blindingly obvious, but not every recruitment agency does this (sometimes a job is only posted via LinkedIn or to job boards). Unfortunately, this could mean your job slips past people on your email alerts; sometimes called job notifications. Make sure each position you post also goes out onto your recruitment website. After all, your website is probably the only aspect of your recruitment business that is genuinely 24/7. Users can still browse and use your website, whether you are on another call, asleep or on holiday. Not only will it provide an excellent one-stop shop for any prospective job seekers in your sector, but it will also provide Google with better, richer content to index. This brings us to the next point…   Don’t forget SEO in your job description Search engine optimised job descriptions are essential to your job description being found by the right candidate. Much of modern-day SEO relies on how the website itself is built and structured (we can help you with structuring sitemaps). It is also about how each element of your site interacts with the rest. Google’s indexing algorithms will pick up on topic trends within the keywords used by your site to further understand what kind of queries might find your site valuable. Make certain that you include the correct keywords in job descriptions. Job seekers are searching for jobs that fall within the job title they want or the skills that they possess. Include those 'searching' words in your job description. Ensure you include the location of the job. Google wants to present content that is local to the job-seeker. Candidates want to avoid applying for roles that aren't local to where they live. It wastes their precious time. Top tip - avoid thin content! Google trusts Quality content and wants to recommend in its results. Everyone is searching for quality content and job descriptions are just one example. Candidates are not searching for poorly written job descriptions that fail to sell the role. Google marks down poorly written articles and this is the same for poor quality job descriptions. Ensure you put the right effort into writing a quality job description. Good quality job descriptions will attract strong candidates.   Why should a candidate want to apply? Most job descriptions talk about what the business wants for the role but not the candidate’s desire. Make it about them. If your agency model allows it (and your client is happy), name the company they’re applying to. What is the workplace culture like? With much stress over the candidate shortage, it is now very much a jobseeker’s market. So talk to your client and ask them why they think somebody should apply to work with them.    Job descriptions should include the salary and relevant benefits Simple things like salary expectations should be included and will get more clicks. The FXRecruiter recruitment platform is feature-rich. Advertise salary bands and provide relevant text for benefits. There is the option to display salaries in different currencies. You could provide job-seekers with a finger mobile-friendly salary slider scale when searching for roles.      Our bespoke recruitment website platform FXRecruiter has excellent content management capabilities and is purpose-built to manage recruitment websites and jobs boards. Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss how FXRecruiter and Reverse Delta can help you. Contact Reverse Delta or give us a call on 08000 199737.

Attract more high-quality candidates with job notifications

By Peter Morrow   November 15, 2021  
Making sure that high-quality candidates are constantly browsing and searching your website is a significant challenge for recruiters in 2021 and beyond. Job notifications are an often overlooked way to attract more high-quality candidates. Job notifications are sometimes called email alerts. Anybody who has been on a job search in the last few years is likely already familiar with this. The major jobs boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed have job notification systems. Jobs are notified via email mailouts and when you log in. Individual recruitment businesses with their own jobs board, working in specific niches, are also frequent users of job notifications. The job-seeker only has to search a few keywords or job titles, hit subscribe and wait. Highest quality traffic coming from email alerts. It is certainly easier than doing the same repetitive searches every day. Waiting for the right opportunity to turn up! And that’s why job notifications are so helpful for recruiters looking to attract more high-quality candidates. Recent surveys bear that out – Job Board Doctor, 2021 report found 55% of those running jobs boards and recruitment websites see their highest quality traffic coming from email alerts. It’s a great way of tapping into the behavioural psychology of your likely candidates. The ease of steady notifications helps those seeking a better opportunity. While maintaining the demands of a full-time position. Automation avoids the daily grind of looking for the right opportunity. It will enable them to keep their eye on the ground rather than constantly be tracking down those excellent opportunities. Clients love them, too, as it ensures as many candidates will see their open position as possible. Additionally, notifications can serve different purposes for candidates. Set up multiple alerts; one example could be looking at temporary or lower-paid work near home. Or higher-paid permanent roles in a wider geographical area. Multiple ‘saved searches’ would normally then be bundled up into one ‘digest’ of any matching jobs added.  Wondering how to set up those job notifications? Our FXRecruiter software is here to help draw in the highest-quality candidates. Email alerts are just one of the many tools available to recruiters. With FXRecruiter, you can give your talent pools easy access to your best upcoming opportunities. Alongside one-click sign-up forms and more personalisation over their job search. Email alerts are also a great way to activate passive or inactive candidates, giving them a purpose in interacting with your business again. Of course, email alerts and job notifications work best when used with a larger talent attraction strategy. Sending signals to the best prospective employees out there that your recruitment business is the one to go to for your industry. A bespoke jobs board on your site, featuring job options for, particularly unique postings. Even including SMS or text alerts. Don’t forget this oft-overlooked feature! Get in touch today with one of our experts to discuss how we can help. We have packages to suit all budgets and drive your competitive advantages. Contact Reverse Deta or give us a call on 08000 199737.

Recruit global talent with multi-region functionality

By Peter Morrow   October 28, 2021  
Recruiting international talent comes with many benefits – diversity, market insight, multiple languages, just to name a few. However, recruiters who want to recruit global talent often run into a problem. If recruiters based in one country decide to open an office in another, they can’t gain a local Google ranking, making them unable to get good traction among local candidates.  It doesn’t have to be this way! We’ll share with you our solution that allows you to widen your talent pool internationally.  The solution Our FXRecruiter software is a digital recruitment marketing system that shares jobs and content across channels. The recruitment platform has an extended feature for multi-region with geo-location, which helps you recruit global talent. What does it do? With FXRecruiter’s multi-region feature, you can create a different site in different parts of the world, all on the same website! You can tailor your website to present the following differently: Content pages (even the homepage) Sectors and specialisms  Jobs Teams Imagery and videos Blogs News ...wherever you are in the world!  FXRecruiter displays it all automatically based on where you are. However, users can always switch between regions as they please. What is a multi-regional website? A multi-regional website is one that explicitly targets users in different countries around the world. For example, if a product manufacturer ships to both Canada and the United States, Google Search would try to find the right local page for the searcher.  How do they do this? By using generic country codes for top-level domains, also known as ccTLDs, for specific countries. Examples of ccTLDs include: Australia = .as Netherlands = .nl Singapore = .sg Or generic regional top-level domains, which can cover many countries. Europe = .eu Asia = .asia What are the benefits of a multi-regional website with FXRecruiter? Have you ever tried to Google “restaurants near me”? The results you would get in London will be very different from those in Tokyo. Even at a local level, such as for those searching for restaurants in W1 (Soho) and WC2 (Covent Garden), the results would be very different, even though they are less than half a mile apart. And a website based in Tokyo with information on restaurants in London simply won’t figure at all in results. This ‘local’ philosophy is vital for just about everything, from finding public transport near your location to shops in your vicinity ... and jobs too. The search engines, including Google, apply the same ‘local’ philosophy when searching for jobs. When they search, Google will show jobs near the user location, for example, “IT Project Manager jobs near me”. The results vary depending on the searcher location: Example 1 - User based in Warrington searching for the terms “IT Project Manager jobs” - unsurprisingly the search results are for jobs in or near Warrington. Example 2 - User based in West London searching for the terms “IT Project Manager jobs”  - the search results are for jobs in or near West London.   As you would expect, the search in Warrington brings up job ads in the local area. The same is true for the investigation based in West London.  An agency based in Manchester needs the right SEO solution to help it advertise jobs abroad to attract local candidates. Local is what the user expects! This is the key benefit of a multi-regional website with our FXRecruiter software; it helps your agency website become local in the targeted location. Other benefits? Ensure job-seekers find your international jobs in the correct local environment You can target content more specifically at local audiences and convert prospective clients Present only the right content in the right places Convey more credible affinity with local markets Interested in learning more about FXRecruiter and how we can help grow your recruitment business? Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss how we can help. We have packages to suit all budgets and drive your competitive advantages. Contact us here or give us a call 08000 199737.  Key takeaways Google likes to present locally in its search results for users FXRecruiter has an extended feature for multi-region with geo-location.  A multi-regional website is one that explicitly targets users in different countries around the world. Job search results will vary depending on the user’s location Recruiting global talent and attracting candidates local to clients jobs locations needs strategic SEO

Recruiting for your own recruitment agency

By Peter Morrow   October 28, 2021  
When recruiting staff for other companies, make sure you don't forget yourselves! To grow your recruitment or staffing agency, you will need to recruit the right team members to fill vacancies. Getting your employer branding right is key. This article aims to provide you with actionable tips on recruiting staff for your agency. Tip #1: Strengthen your employer branding A company’s reputation matters more than ever. Job seekers want to know about an organisation’s company culture before they even apply for a position. 86% of employees would not apply to or continue to work for a company with a poor reputation among former employees or the general public.  Your employer brand is your reputation and your employees’ perception of you as an employer. To retract and retain top talent, you must have a positive reputation.  How can you strengthen your employer brand? Conduct an employer brand audit Create a robust onboarding process Tell your company story through content   Tip #2: Use your website to attract staff Your website is essentially your online business card. It provides information to your clients about what you do, who you serve, and how you can help them. But it can also be a place to recruit new talent to your agency. By having a web page dedicated to promoting roles at your agency for those interested in recruitment, you can transform your clients browsing your site into your new employees! Take a look at the pros and cons of possible solutions that Reverse Delta can provide for you:   Pro: Having a recruitment webpage is inexpensive, and you can do it yourself using the FXRecruiter CMS. Con: A ‘home cooked’ page may look functional. Check out an example of one of our client’s recruitment web pages here.   Pro: Our creative services team will design a great looking page to promote your employer branding to potential employees. Con: Cost involved.   Pro: A separate recruitment website is a strategic solution for medium to large businesses with growth needs to fill. It also makes an objective statement about your brand. Con: Cost and time commitment involved.    Tip #3: Use your social media connections With the number of people using social media platforms daily, you could well find your next talent is recruited on social media. You can use your agency social media pages to promote your employer branding and the benefits of being a recruiter at your agency. And of course, this is low cost, just requiring an investment of time and a little flair. Here are a few content ideas you can use to recruit talent through social media: Post employee testimonials Glassdoor, Comparably or similar reviews from current and former staff Share your company story Showcase what your company culture is like   Interested in learning more about how our creative services can help you develop your employer branding to recruit those interested in working in recruitment? Get in touch today with one of our experts to discuss how we can help. Contact our team here or give us a call at 08000199737.   Key takeaways Ensure your employer branding represents your business accurately Job seekers want to know about an organisation’s company culture before they even apply for a position. Your website can be a place to recruit new talent to your agency. You could very well find your next talent recruit on social media.

Importance of recruitment marketing platform

By Peter Morrow   September 27, 2021  

Having a digital presence in the form of a recruitment website built on a recruitment marketing platform is important to your recruitment agency success. In fact, it is not only an integral part of your marketing strategy and your business; It is the most important tool in your marketing tool kit! We know this as we have been designing websites for recruitment agencies on our recruitment marketing platform FXRecruiter for nearly 20 years. 

You can expect your website to work 24/7 - it’s your hardest working employee. It is also your lowest-cost advertising for your business to attract potential clients + post job adverts to attract and convert job-seekers.

Here is a reminder of just 10 great reasons why our FXRecruiter recruitment marketing platform provides a strong return on your investment:

1) Mobile experience

designed and built for speed on mobile to load quickly (reducing bounce rate) and rank highly with Google’s recent mobile-first approach.
responsive and adaptive design to ensure the best usability across devices while maintaining the same content no matter what (important!). 

2) Applying experience

a recruitment website should aim to improve and simplify your end to end job application process. 
FXRecruiter provides as standard simple application functionality such as Quick-Apply, Apply with LinkedIn or Indeed Apply.
enhance the user experience with request a call-back or quick cv drop

3) Candidate portal 

a candidate portal provides more meaningful interaction with your job-seekers. 
give them the ability to apply and register their details at the same time. 
able to upload CVs and as many documents as required. 
easily track the status of their application and see recommended jobs. 

4) Capitalise on automation efficiency

integrate with CRM, ATS, Multi-posters
and other technology providers such as email marketing or chatbots
move data easily from one system to another 
build processes that reduce manual input and improve up your speed to hire

5) Quality candidates

create your database of quality candidates for future roles by sending their data to your CRM or ATS

6) SEO optimised

being SEO optimised can have a positive impact on the performance of your website, job ads and blogs. 
our FXRecruiter recruitment marketing platform has SEO capabilities built in to ensure everything you do is optimised. 
SEO Optimised Job Board come as standard & work with Google for Jobs Schema and its new directApply policy.
Google and the other search engines update their search algorithms often, which can be turbulent for SEO, and is why we constantly update FXRecruiter to adapt to these changes.

7) Job postings

promote your sectors and make it easy for candidates to search and find jobs quickly. 
Create your own campaign landing pages to prompt your client’s jobs.

8) Advanced Content Management System (CMS)

FXRecruiter puts you in control of all aspects of your website using the advanced CMS, designed specifically for recruitment industry
it’s quick and easy to create and control all elements of you website content
keep your website fresh and up to date + save money on an expensive replacement

9) Blogging & content marketing functionality

strengthen your reputation and build authority and recognition in your market
add blogs, insight articles and news posts
upload images and video
post out to social media to promote your expertise

10) Security

compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
we provide an SSL certificate (important to show your site is safe and trustworthy) as standard, so you don’t have to worry about the technical side
we provide best-practice data security and encryption
build trust with candidates and clients

Interested in learning more about FXRecruiter and how we can help grow your recruitment business? Get in touch today with one of our experts to discuss how we can help. We have packages to suit all budgets and drive your competitive advantages. reversedelta/contact  or call 08000 199737.  

Google for Jobs October update favours candidate experience

By Peter Morrow   September 22, 2021  

Google for Jobs is calling out all recruitment agencies and job boards to improve their candidate experience or risk losing being found. These updates go into effect on 1 October 2021, leaving little time for most recruiters or job boards to adjust their technologies, processes and strategies in order to be in compliance with Google’s update. A new addition is a schema property called “directApply” which will require the application process to be straightforward.

In July, Google announced that they would update during October their job schema and job content editorial guidelines that will ultimately affect job post rankings on Google for Jobs. The timing of this is significant for recruiters – everyone who has jobs advertised will be affected by this update. Changes to Google’s algorithm will affect search rankings. That risk could potentially be huge as approximately 75% of job seekers start their job search on Google. Some recruitment websites will gain visibility, and some will lose it as a result. The success of your job postings will depend on the candidate experience of your website. 

We have put this article together to help explain some of the key terminology and changes. Ensure you get ahead of the competition by checking your website process.

What’s happening with Google for Jobs?
Recruiters are struggling to attract candidates in the current market as demand surges and competition grows fierce for the limited supply of job seekers. As we leave summer behind and progress towards the festive season, recruiters are facing into a growing challenge to fill their client’s roles. Now more than ever, agencies need the traffic to their jobs so they can find the quality candidates to fill their client’s vacancies.

Few recruiters know that Google is about to make an update in October that is expected to significantly affect the traffic to jobs. Google is going to make a change to Google for Jobs (G4J) by updating their job posting guidelines to improve the quality and trust of results for job seekers. Google is making these changes based on direct candidate feedback on these interactions with job search listings during both job search and the associated application experiences.

Why is the update needed?
The user experience wasn't the best when Google first launched G4J in July 2018. The candidate experience was poor with many job boards and recruitment websites that didn’t help the process by jumping genuine applicants from one URL to another. The candidates were often the ones caught in the crossfire. What should have been an improvement to their job search and candidate experience often actually was not what they were expecting. There were instances where recruiters would bait a job seeker with a different company’s job to capture the job seeker’s information and never forward the candidate to the actual companies application process. 

What is exciting about this G4J update is that it will eliminate a lot of that bad behaviour. This update creates a more fair playing field for both recruiters advertising their jobs and candidates to trust they are applying to an actual position. The results of these changes will also likely penalize job adverts where the candidate experience is lengthy, confusing, or otherwise sub-optimal. 

What is directApply?
According to Google, a “directApply” experience is defined in terms of the user actions required to apply for a job. Google is looking for a simple and straightforward application process for job seekers.

Google goes on to give examples of a “directApply” experience in which they indicate that you LIKELY provide a direct apply experience if your site provides one of the following experiences (a site as defined by Google usually means one single domain and not cross-domain traffic):

The user completes the application process on your site
Once arriving at your page from Google, the user doesn't have to click on apply and provide user information more than once to complete the application process

Google even provides helpful imagery to describe the optimal (and likely acceptable) experiences that will benefit from the change (i.e. experiences that will not be penalised): 

In order to indicate that your job posting provides “directApply,” Google has added a structured data property to their Google job posting schema for “directApply.” 

It is the opinion of many in the SEO industry that this new “directApply” property will likely be used as an indicator by Google that your site should be crawled and verified for the application experience provided as part of the ranking process. It’s further believed that this will not likely be a human verification process, but probably some sort of programmatic and algorithm-based crawler that will attempt to score the experience and ease of the overall process.

In addition, it is highly likely that Google will use its knowledge of your page structure and application process to create an algorithm for your sites conversion rate (application start to application completion). Having a poor conversion rate (or poor application/candidate experience) will likely also impact your job overall ranking score.

Who will be impacted?
Anyone who advertises jobs on the web is going to be affected by this update. Google is favouring those who provide a quality experience to the user, so they’re calling out recruiters to improve their candidate experience or risk losing being found in G4J. This update can potentially negatively impact your recruitment strategy, the number of applications you receive per role, and at the end of the day, negatively impact your business if you are unable to achieve recruitment goals.

There is most certainly a ripple effect that will take place as job seeker traffic is redistributed. For example, job boards and publishers will lose traffic because they will no longer get some or all of the free traffic they have come to depend on from G4J. This means there's going to be a downstream effect, that employers are going to lose traffic from some of the publishers they rely on today. On top of that, if they're not indexed, they're already losing traffic from not being included in the index. The job traffic is going to go to the agencies that have compliant AND indexed job pages. In addition,  if they prioritised the candidate experience, then their job rankings on Google for Jobs will be rewarded.

The agencies that have made commitments to quality application experiences or those that plan now to comply with Google’s new rules will have a significant advantage in this highly competitive market for talent. There is an opportunity to capture all the traffic that is most certainly going to be lost by others after the update. If you are not prepared, you’re going to lose traffic, and it’s going to go to a recruitment agency that prioritised the candidate experience. 

Below we have ranked those we think will be affected by the changes:

Job boards that make candidates sign in the job board, before sending them onto either another job board or a recruitment agency website
Sites where the candidates have to sign in to one type of job tech and then sign in to a different piece of tech or a candidate software system to apply.
Recruitment agency sites that don’t have structured data to Google “Schema” standard.
Any “site” where the job seeker changes domains as part of the application experience (i.e. job view happens on but application happens on (a fairly common experience for Job Boards and bolt-on recruitment website job technology). 
Any site requiring a second ‘log in’ or ‘sign in’ within the application experience as this has been shown to lead to an extensive drop off (+75% in some cases) and will likely negatively impact your conversion ranking score
Any site that requires users to click through an ‘apply’ button or similar action more than once after the transfer from Google for Jobs.

Improving the candidate experience
A benefit of this update is that it’s going to improve the job seekers experience by getting rid of sites in the search results that are using job post content to get unsuspecting job seekers to provide their information and will eliminate the “black hole” where candidates thought they applied to a job, but their application was never sent to a hiring manager. That's great news for everyone except those misleading job seekers, and it's hard to have any sympathy towards that loss. 

From a purely selfish point of view this update favours recruiters with a fully rounded, informative website hosting their own jobs and easy apply processes (rather than relying on third party job boards). It should help foster a 'virtuous circle', sending more traffic to the recruiter's own website and help improve rankings further.

What should you do next
This update favours those with a positive candidate experience, but shouldn’t the candidate experience always matter? Many recruiters struggle to make their application process candidate-centric. It's usually a technical challenge to develop a process that puts the candidate’s needs first. It needs a strategic perspective in which most recruiters don’t have the means or the time to invest in. 

With Google penalising jobs with poor candidate experiences, there is now an immediate reason to prioritise the candidate experience at your agency. Recruitment agencies that prioritise and make those changes to provide a secure, trusted and quality candidate experience on their recruitment website, will be the ones that will be favoured and benefit from additional traffic and applications. 

Beyond just a grab for free traffic on Google for Jobs, a quality candidate experience is also proven to increase agencies pipelines, improve applicant conversion, improve ROI on recruitment advertising, and improve the bottom line. Time to make your candidate experience a priority, if you haven't already. 

These changes that Google for Jobs are creating with their latest update were necessary for a long time and will probably become a positive change. If you would like to learn more about directApply or see how to prepare best, reach out to Reverse Delta, and we'll be happy to help you! 

Improving your speed to hire

By Peter Morrow   July 29, 2021  

Improving your speed to hire is critical in a candidate-driven market.
Nobody benefits from a long, drawn-out hiring process that takes months and months. It costs more for the client. A slow speed to hire causes anxiety for the candidate (during which time they may find another position). And it’s not suitable for the recruiter, who comes off looking indecisive.

There are, realistically, only a handful of roles out there in which you’ll want to take your time hiring — but these are few and far between. The recruitment agency that can employ quickly can choose to slow down if the client wishes, whilst the recruitment business that takes time to hire can’t suddenly go any faster than they’re already going.

Why speed to hire matters
The hope is that the economy will swiftly rebound in the latter part of the year as COVID restrictions ease and the vaccine drive increases. July has already seen a record of weekly available job postings. In the coming months, employers will look for recruiters who can rely on agencies with a proven track record of delivering quality results within strict deadlines. Employers will be looking for recruiters who can give them a competitive advantage.

Any recruitment agency should aim to hasten their speed to hire process. Creating a hiring process that is swift and easily accessible will pay benefits. At the same time, building a large talent pool will attract clients aware of your industry knowledge and hoping to tap into it to find the right candidate to help them grow. In short, being able to place candidates quickly is an essential component of the recruitment industry.

Five tips to improve speed to hire

Make it as simple as possible for candidates to apply for jobs on your site:

Which candidate wants to spend another half-hour filling out the same information (that’s available on their CV) form-by-form on your site when simply uploading a CV is enough?

Use easy-apply options such as Apply with LinkedIn and Apply with Indeed:

As above, making it as simple as possible for a candidate to apply makes their lives easier and helps your talent pool grow. Struggling with the tech side of things? Our FXRecruiter software is here to help.

Include register for job notifications on your recruitment website and nudge your job seekers along the process:

Job notifications act as a lead capture that provides easy-to-reach contact information on job seekers. If they fit the bill for a new position that they’re ideally suited to, they can contact you immediately, putting them straight in the running for the new post and helping you retain a hard-won potential candidate.

Highlight pay and benefits at the top of job descriptions:

Candidates are attracted to good jobs, with good salaries and good benefits. It might sound glaringly obvious, but if you have clients willing to provide a great place to work, then that client will also be in a prime position to find great candidates. Highlighting those benefits at the very start benefits everybody (and it also stops overqualified candidates applying, unaware that the job is unable to pay them what they’re looking for).

Time-saving automation with integrations

Reduce consultants manual tasks with integrations between your CRM, ATS or Multiposter and your recruitment website software. Have you thought about integrations with other parts of your tech ecosystem (or tech stack) that can connect to improve automation, such as email automation or chatbots? We can integrate with any partner or provider as long as they have an API.

Speed to hire process — your crucial tool for this Autumn!


What makes a best-in-class recruitment website?

By Peter Morrow   July 19, 2021  

In conversations, I’m often asked by recruiters what makes a best-in-class recruitment website?

In a nutshell, the recruiter is thinking… “Deliver more, high-quality candidates and generate more client leads.” However, we need to flip the perspective to think like your clients and candidates.

They’re thinking… “What makes your agency the best choice?” in a busy marketplace.

At Reverse Delta we add value by working out what it is that sets you apart from your competitors. We listen and ask loads of questions, such as “what makes your agency special?”. 
It’s not what you do – the jobs and clients you have, your sector expertise, global presence, years of experience… Others have those too. Or could get them.
It’s how you do it. Not structure, systems and processes, but what you’re like to work with: your approach, how you deal with candidates and clients. This can never be successfully copied.
It’s the experience you provide for candidates and clients that sets you apart. And this is what your bespoke, on-brand website should bring to life.
What makes a best-in-class recruitment website?
We will work with you to develop a compelling, powerful narrative theme that paints a picture of what you are like to work with. This is important for clients as reputation, experience, knowledge and expertise count. Beyond these, what tips the balance is your approach. Clients want to understand:

The way in which you go about business
How you will seek to understand their corporate aims, objectives and cultures to ensure best-fit hires
How you will represent and further their employer brand to candidates
What your culture is like, and what you will be like to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

This is important for candidates – beyond the jobs you have available and your reputation, high-quality candidates want to be sure that you will get to know them as an individual, not just a CV – that you’ll seek to understand:

What makes them tick, what drives and motivates them beyond remuneration and reward
What sort of workplace culture drives and makes them happy
Their unique longer-term career aspirations
And they want to get a sense of how you will seek to build trust and understanding with them.

As we know, candidates become clients and vice-versa. Both are seeking the same thing – a relationship carefully built and nurtured on understanding, trust, advice, emotional intelligence and effectiveness. You need to paint a picture of all this through your website content.

At Reverse Delta we believe the following mix makes a best-in-class recruitment website:
1)      Creative Strategy
The foundation for success. Together, we need to develop a compelling, authentic theme before we build all of this…
2)      Content & Design
It’s okay to show off! Because if you’re not clear about what makes you the best choice, how can anyone else?
3)      Technology
The secret ‘sauce’ behind the scenes that gives you the edge. And with a roadmap that keeps your team ahead of the rest.
4)      Customer Service
We’ve got your back! With proactive, can-do Tech Support, Creative Services and Account Management
We want to develop a long-term partnership with all our clients, with service at the heart of all the things we do. From the first contact and through everything we do.  
Let us make your FXRecruiter recruitment website the hardest-working member of your team!
Get in contact today with one of our experts to discuss how we can help you build a best in class recruitment website. We have packages to suit all budgets and drive your competitive technological advantage over your competition in converting the best talent.  or call 08000 199737.


Have candidates? Struggling to get clients?

By Peter Morrow   July 12, 2021  

Mid-week I spoke with a recruiter who had plenty of candidates but was struggling to find clients. In the current market this was an unusual conversation, but one that ended up being a fruitful discussion.

The customer spoke of doing all the right things but the response so far was poor.

We reviewed their current recruitment website together. The website was a number of years old and had not been updated whilst their business had grown substantially in recent years, including a few acquisitions. As a business, they had established that their current website didn’t convert clients.

This article is about how Reverse Delta aims to add value to your content and design for your bespoke custom-designed recruitment website.
Adding value beyond technology and design
We know that your recruitment website needs to be as unique as your business. That’s why our consultative and proactive approach combines industry-leading tech with the flexibility to build you a website that exactly fits your business – not one that constrains your business with a one-size-fits-all solution.

What’s more, we know you’re looking for more than just technical and design expertise – you need a trusted partner that provides great aftercare and customer service, that shares valuable insights with you and brings you ongoing innovation to keep your business ahead of your competition.

In building your employer brand we aim to develop a strong compelling narrative or theme about your business. Our team has a great deal of experience assisting with this.
Positioning you as trusted partners in the field of talent acquisition for your specific sector(s) or industry is key to building trust.
We aim to pull out your story, history and expertise and present that to your prospective clients to convert client leads for your business.
We recommend a strategic content plan, expanding your theme and resulting in engaging, meaningful content (especially videos).
We will discuss your strategic content plan in-depth with you and are always available to offer creative services such as copywriting, brochures, white papers and blogs. Our advanced Content Management System (CMS) enables all of this across pages and posts.
Meaningful, engaging content is crucial – that demonstrates deep sector knowledge and shows an understanding of current client-focused issues
PDFs are good (people like to download and keep) but should always replicate hosted content, not be instead of.
Clear engaging client-focused calls-to-action and contact forms on all client pages all encourage contact.
Up-to-date, meaningful content is key. Our blogging technology allows case studies and recent placements to be easily managed as blog categories and presented anywhere on the website to complement related content or jobs.
Use of gated content and lead magnets that add value for clients in exchange for contact details.
Close consultation with your team.
Deliverable website specification and design brief

Our experienced team aims to add value by working with you to showcase the experience you provide for candidates and clients that sets you apart from your competitors. And this is what your website should bring to life to attract, engage and convert prospective clients.
Generate client leads for the business
Our recruitment platform FXRecruiter helps convert clients with great features outlined below:

Contact forms – recommend placing on all client pages
Meet the Team pages – recommend video profiles
Advanced blog and content marketing
Gated content - to generate lead magnets
RPO / Client microsites – recommend dedicating to your best clients
Candidate Board – showcase your talent to your clients behind gated sign-in

Creative strategy and content plan
We offer enhanced creative strategy and content plans. Including

Discovery meetings with senior personnel
Discovery workshops with a selection of your team 
Creative strategy reports
Client and candidate experience definition
Website content plan

As well as providing the foundation for genuine, meaningful content, clients have said they’ve found the process of discovery activities and creative strategy in itself to be of real benefit and value to their business.

Make contact today with one of our experts to discuss your challenges and learn more about meaningful content -  or call 08000 199737.