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Candidate board — showcase your quality candidates to clients.

By Peter Morrow   March 22, 2021  

Companies who have spent the last year in survival mode, having frozen hiring or even made redundancies, are now looking to start growing once more. If you’ve made it this far, then there’s undoubtedly a sense you can hold on just that little bit longer.

As leaders once more start to invest in their businesses, they will look to grow the workforce. We’re going to be entering a candidate-rich jobs-poor market, with plenty of great talent in the marketplace but few positions, as businesses are only just getting back into the swing of things.

Post COVID-19, there is an accepted view that unemployment will rise above 10% in the coming months. Advertised roles are attracting too many candidates and searching through excess applicants takes time. Even with applicant tracking software (ATS) to help you reach those ideal candidates quicker, you might still end up with a pile of candidate CVs simply too big to effectively assess for additional capability. That, in turn, extends the length of time it takes to recruit (and you’re going to want whatever time-saving advantages you can get).
Candidate Board presents the cream of your extensive candidate pool to clients.
Established agencies will have an extensive catalogue of potential candidates. Your ATS/CRM database offers an excellent opportunity to help your clients find an employee quickly.

An anonymous Candidate Board — which works like the reverse of your job board – is an excellent tool to have in your recruiter’s arsenal. Your clients will be able to search your candidates by keywords, sector, and location.

It allows your website to showcase candidate talent whilst your clients can sort through potential matches, narrowing down and selecting those that fulfil their requirements before approaching you to obtain more details about the candidate.

Better still, your clients may be able to identify a potential hire for a job that you don’t know about yet! Good business succession planning is an essential strategic task, but most clients won’t share this with their recruiter. Gain trust with a client by offering a service that allows them to see what potential hires are available.


Candidate Board gives you the ability to:

place excellent talent in front of your clients quicker
the opportunity to utilise spin-out campaigns
showcasing the best potential employees at a glance to an employer; by giving that employer the chance to go through the talent, you have on your books at their own pace. 
allows you to develop a rapport with the client
reduce time to hire as clients find their hires
invest in a real competitive advantage
increase your revenue and profitability

Use your Candidate Board as a Lead Generation Tool on your website:

showcase it to any visitor 
or place it behind a client portal and use it as an upsell and give access to only your paying or ‘VIP’ clients

Call to Actions (CTA) will ensure your website captures relevant details so your consultants can follow up, such as:

sign up for candidate alerts 
learn more
request more information
download candidate profile
clients can also sign up for email alerts of new candidates added meeting their requirements.

It doesn’t matter what field you’re recruiting in, from property to writing and the creative industries — a Candidate Board, gives your client more control whilst still leveraging your expertise in the market.

There is a consensus that recruitment is going to become very competitive after a challenging year. With thousands of new entrants in the market, all willing to under-cut established agencies. But what they won’t have to begin with is a pool of candidates to display to clients. You do. Now is the time to add a competitive advantage, such as the Candidate Board.

Our recruitment website development platform, FXRecruiter, can provide you with Candidate Board functionality online. Find out more here.


Make sure your recruitment website gets you more clients in 2020

By Peter Morrow   January 23, 2020  

We've written a blog about how your recruitment website can help your business to grow in 2020, with a very strong focus on ways to reach and attract your candidates. Your recruitment website is also a brilliant business development tool. We’ve got 9 ways that your recruitment website can help start more conversations with potential clients.

Do you answer your client’s questions?

The client wants to know how you can add value to their business, so make sure your content is focussed on their problems and how you can solve them. By default, talking about your clients will give you lots of sector-specific keywords, which will help your website to perform well on search engines.

Can your client find the information they need easily?

Putting some thought into the design of your recruitment website will make sure you are getting the right message to your client easily. The aim of a website is to allow a client to find out enough about you to make them want to get in touch with you. Don’t go in to so much detail that they switch off! A clear design with a sitemap for your clients is a great way to start. Make sure you answer their questions and provide clear links (and articles/blog posts) so that you can explain key issues in more detail.

Play your blog content to attract clients.

Be consistent by offering value-adding blogs that are topical and relevant to your target audience. If you’re lucky enough to be a creative writer or have someone on the team who can do this then create a process, otherwise delegate it externally. Reverse Delta now offers content marketing and social media packages designed for recruiters and this is a great way of making sure you put content out regularly. Every time you think of a good blog, record it and be clear what the key message is. Create a pipeline of future blogs and aim to have 3 to 6 months of ideas for articles to be written.

Link your blog to your social media.

And make sure you ask your colleagues to do the same. The audience is potentially free, and if your content is good, you’re being of value to the reader. Great!

Support a struggling sector.

If you have a sector that’s struggling to gain traction amongst your many stronger specialisms on your main website then it might be worth breaking it out into its own website and gain the benefit of building the right content and links around it. A pecialist website will perform best for Google and it will improve your reputation and your brand. Our FXRecruiter software can allow you to operate two or more websites under a single CMS, so it’s easy to manage but will perform better.

Offer to showcase your client’s brand.

A recruitment microsite will support you with your client’s recruitment campaign as you can direct candidats to a separate, branded microsite just for their jobs, which could be a great selling point for you as an agency. Managed entirely within FXRecruiter, client microsites equip you to create powerful and engaging jobs websites focused on your client with total control over set-up and editing, adding logos, video, images and other content.

Show them your candidates!

Offer clients a look at your talent through a talent board. Showcase your candidates to your clients with anonymous profiles and beat your competitors to fill their vacancies.

Put the control in your client’s hands.

Equip clients to post new jobs and manage live ones, search candidates, create new candidate alerts and review applications, by having a client portal. Offer employers with in-house recruitment teams an added-value service, while keeping your internal costs low.


If you want to talk to one of the Reverse Delta experts about improving your website to help you reach more candidates in 2020, contact our team at or call on 08000 199 737.


Peter Morrow is Commercial Director for Reverse Delta. Follow Peter on LinkedIn or email


Improving your recruitment website for business growth in 2020

By Peter Morrow   January 21, 2020  

For all recruiters, getting the word out there about how you add value to your clients and showcasing your amazing jobs are the biggest priorities for your recruitment agency website. In a highly competitive market, how do you entice new clients and job seekers to your site, over your competition’s? In this blog post, we explore 8 brilliant ways that you can get your recruitment website ready for business growth in 2020 giving your consultants a pipeline full of candidates!
Write quality job adverts.
This is a sure-fire way to get more applicants! Invest in coaching and training to get the desired quality standard of job advert content.
Are you advertising all your jobs?
It surprises me that one of the most common topics with recruiters is “how do I ensure my consultants are publishing every job?” Even if the consultant has an ideal candidate to put forward for interview, every job that you publish will attract more traffic to your website, which of course means more registrations, applications and more placements! Working with your consultants to explain the importance of all roles going on the site is crucial – it will give them more potential candidates to work with on other roles and support your site’s SEO efforts.
Are your adverts Google for Jobs compliant? 
To see if your job adverts are compliant to Google for Jobs schema microformat, check a job page URL here.
Auto SEO for job adverts.
Google likes URLs that humans can read simply without lots of characters. If your job urls are full of characters and difficult for humans to read, then your roles might not be performing as well as they might if you had a new Google for Jobs’-friendly website. Our FXRecruiter software automatically inserts job titles and keywords in the URL for your job advert.
Personalised job notifications.
Offer your job-seekers one-click sign-up for multiple notifications matched to their personalised searches. This makes it easier to engage with your candidates and potential candidates and shows your clients that you’re serious about nurturing ongoing relationships.
Are you offering value to your candidates?
Offer helpful/useful content for your job seekers. Attract candidates to your website with blog & content marketing that is relevant to them such as “preparing for a job interview” or sector relevant content such as “what skills do you need for a career in finance” or by location “what’s it like moving abroad to work”. Our FXRecruiter software can advertise the most relevant jobs to the job seeker on content pages and help you convert more traffic to placements.
Reach candidates with engaging videos.
Video is an increasingly popular format and is set to grow in 2020. Get more shares across social media and drive even more candidates to your website by using video content. FXRecruiter has video job adverts capability which will help you to share jobs on social media, meaning your roles reach more people.
Support your SEO with a niche landing page.
A landing page on your website can attract more candidates if you fill the content with niche keywords. A recruitment campaign landing page can be monitored and tweaked quickly and easily through your recruitment website content management system. This gives you complete control of your campaigns – no need to speak to your web designer every time you need to start a new campaign!


If you missed it, I wrote this blog post about creating a recruitment website and these tips are still relevant today 10 tips on creating a recruitment website in 2019. And we’ve also written a blog post about improving your recruitment website to attract more clients.

If you want to talk to one of the Reverse Delta experts about improving your website to help you reach more candidates in 2020, contact our team at or call on 08000 199 737.

Peter Morrow is Commercial Director for Reverse Delta. Follow Peter on LinkedIn or email


What holds recruiters back from recruiting brilliant consultants?

By Peter Morrow   January 15, 2020  

We wanted to focus this blog on a huge issue that’s impacting many of our recruitment clients and that’s – recruiting. You’d think that filling your own internal vacancies would be easy if you’re recruiting all day, but actually it’s a huge challenge. This is a great blog post from Centred Excellence about the importance of having the right mix of skills in your recruitment agency. There’s no doubt, the right people in your business will be the key to success, but how do you find them?

We think that many recruiters are missing a trick – they’re not offering the same service to their own agency that they are offering to their clients. Let me explain.

Many recruiters have a brilliant website to showcase the roles that they’re filling - we’ve designed quite a lot in the last 18 years – you can check them out here.

However, what they aren’t able to do is showcase their own roles very well because the site’s main focus is to act as a business development tool for attracting new clients and to convert job-seekers into registering with your agency. Take a look at your website and take a look at how you attract job-seekers to your agency.

Perhaps you have a page called ‘Careers’ or ‘Work with us.’ This is a good step, but is the page as enticing to prospective consultants as it could be? It is possibly one of the ‘standard’ pages on your site that you rarely update – with just a form or email address to register your interest?

We’ve listed some improvements – can you make any changes?

Talk about the great things that your recruitment agency does, awards, career progression and development?
Who would the prospective consultant work with every day? Share some photographs or videos of the team.
What does a day at your agency look like? As a consultant, what can they expect day-to-day?
Overall, why would a career as a recruitment consultant be a great move for somebody? And why should a quality consultant make the move to your agency over one of your competitors?

Whilst there are surely some changes you can make to your Careers page (and this is the best option if budgets are tight), the main drawback with this approach is that your main recruitment website will be built so that your keywords are optimised. If you recruit for people to work in the Logistics industry, for example, your website will be built so that words related to Logistics will perform well on Google, such as driver, courier, warehouse etc. However, those keywords won’t be relevant to people who are searching for a role as a recruitment consultant. Therefore, if people are searching for roles as recruitment consultants, your site won’t be found because it’s set to perform for different keywords and search terms.

Here’s a couple of options for you to consider:


Use the campaign landing page functionality


Using our FXRecruiter software you can quickly create content-rich landing pages that perform brilliantly in Google. The main benefits are that you can advertise your own in-house roles for no cost and share easily on social media!

Below are three examples:

Work for us statement
We are McGregor Boyall and testimonials
Link to Glassdoor so see what current and previous employees think of working with McGregor Boyall
Link to Instagram for historic images of working and events at McGregor Boyall
Internal vacancies listed with Apply Now and Apply with LinkedIn

Launch your career and work for JMC by providing your details and upload cv
A carousel of short articles by consultants who work for JMC and why they enjoy working for the business
A video message from Jason (CEO)
Collage of images  showing events throughout the year
A picture of the whole team

Careers at Martin Veasey explained
What Martin Veasey are looking for to recruit
A list of roles currently recruiting for
Contact details

Landing pages are designed to attract more of your target candidates, using target niche keywords for searches. You can use your existing website to make things easy for potential job hunters so that they get to know what life is like at your recruitment agency.

Build your own standalone career website

From an SEO perspective, this is the best option.

You can structure your website so that your keywords really target the consultants for the industry you work in. This is what one of our clients, McGregor Boyall did. They identified a need to improve their ability to recruit quality consultants, so developed a career portal specifically to engage potential recruiters looking for a new role (or to start a career as a consultant).

A dedicated career site isn’t just an option for the big recruiters. It’s a very viable option for recruiters of all sizes.  If you want to up your recruiting game for your own recruitment agency, get in touch to see how an FXRecruiter website has brilliant in-built functionality to support you to overcome one of your agency’s biggest recruitment challenges!

If you are interested in finding out more about our services at Reverse Delta or our digital recruitment platform FXRecruiter, then give us a call on 08000 199737 or email

Peter Morrow is Commercial Director for Reverse Delta. Follow Peter on LinkedIn or email


Six things large recruiters should consider when upgrading their recruitment website

By Rachel Allen   December 19, 2019  

Deciding on the best recruitment website when you’re a large recruiter can be a real challenge. From a start-up, you might now find yourself operating nationally, in a number of sectors or have grown through merger or acquisition? Perhaps you  have opened an overseas office? All of these factors can make choosing a website quite complicated, especially if you’ve experienced quite rapid growth and your website suddenly doesn’t meet your needs anymore.

In this blog post, we talk about the key things larger recruitment agencies need to consider when commissioning a new website.

How will my recruitment website perform in Google?

There’s no denying, this is absolutely critical. If you aren’t on page 1 of Google, then you may as well forget it. You need a recruitment website that has in-built SEO capabilities and is Google for Jobs optimised.

How can a new recruitment website represent the different areas of my recruitment agency?

Your agency might operate in different sectors, or you might have regional or national recruitment offices. In Reverse Delta’s experience, websites that are highly RELEVANT to what candidates are searching for will perform best. Workforce is one of our long-standing clients and they recruit for a number of different sectors across the West Midlands. We created a branded website for each division so that all the jobs were highly relevant to what candidates are searching for. But, they are managed and hosted as a multi-website, saving our client money and making the website easy to manage, through a single CMS. This saves time with only one sign in and content that was created for one website, can simply be copied to another.

If your agency operates across different sectors, or if you have a number of recruitment offices, creating several ‘local’ websites under your brand will be a cost-effective way of getting an SEO optimised and highly relevant recruitment website.

How can my recruitment website streamline my processes?

With a brilliant candidate portal, it’s possible for candidates to sign in with their social media account and populate a large amount of data from their LinkedIn profile.

In addition, an FXRecruiter website will integrate with a large number of CRMs, including Bullhorn, Broadbean and Itris. There’s loads more that we integrate with (check them out here) and if there’s any missing, we can link FXRecruiter up to them, assuming that the database or CRM has an open API.

How can my recruitment website support my marketing initiatives?

With the opportunity to auto-post your jobs on to 15 different recruitment websites and share them easily on social media, a big chunk of your marketing work is being done for you.

In addition, FXRecruiter websites have the option to create campaign landing pages for specific roles or sectors. For example, you might have an initiative to find graduates or customer service staff – so with a landing page you can provide all the reasons why a candidate would want to register with you in a single page, rather than expecting them to land on your website.

The FXRecruiter website has a highly-intuitive Content Management System so it’s easy to hand full management over to your marketing team, so you can make changes to your website in-house, without needing to come back to us every time you want a new page creating.

An FXRecruiter website also allows full reporting and analytics, so your marketing team can report back on their successful campaigns safe in the knowledge that they are working on real-time, accurate information.

I am now operating overseas; do I need a separate website?

Your FXRecruiter website can support multiple languages and will auto-adapt to settings in a user’s web-browser as well as offering a menu of languages on the site itself. This means you can engage with candidates and clients in their own language. So make a winning impression, in your audience’s own language and convey more credible affinity with ‘local’ markets.

We can also tailor your website to present your website in different parts of the world – but all on the same website! This means different pages (even the homepage), different sectors and specialisms, different jobs (naturally!), different teams, different imagery and videos, different blogs, different news… different whatever – wherever you are in the world. FXRecruiter displays it all automatically based on where the user is located. Users can always switch between regions as they want with flag icons or a region selector. So capture your benefits of targeting content more specifically at local audiences and present the right content in the right places with functionality for one website.

Who can I trust to do custom-development for my website?

Want to avoid the one-size-fits-all platform? If your website needs some custom development, we have plenty of options available for you. FXRecruiter isn’t a rigid out of the box solution, we can build tailored solutions around your business requirements. We will listen to your problems and help solve them by building a bespoke solution for your business. Our tech team embraces new challenges and has a track record in developing innovative, unique functionality to solve your specific tech requirements. We offer solutions you won’t find elsewhere and will help to continue your business growth.

This is exactly what happened when we met GiveaGradaGo in 2018. Cary had previously been let down by two other recruitment website providers, who did not have the expertise to deliver his specific technical specification. After 18 months, and two failed attempts at delivering a website, he was referred to Reverse Delta by a friend as a last resort.  Not only did we deliver on time and to budget, we also won a National Online Recruitment Award in 2018 for the site –

We hope that this blog has given you something to think about. Reverse Delta is a long-standing recruitment website specialist and our background is in SEO – so obviously performance of your website is mission critical for us.  Since Reverse Delta was formed in 2002, we have delivered over 300 recruitment websites and many of our customers are on their third or fourth website with us.

We also offer Creative Services and Digital Transformation, which we will talk more about in another blog post. But it’s clear to see that we are a trusted partner with the skills and expertise to support your recruitment agency on your growth journey.

For more information, give the Reverse Delta team a call on 08000 199737 or email


The secrets of SEO success – relevant keywords

By Peter Morrow   March 7, 2019  
In this article I aim to explain the importance of content for SEO and the basics of writing in SEO language so you can get it working for you and your business.Most recently we talked about Keywords, here we explain why being relevant is important...Sorry if I’m repeating myself but content is so important. They won’t come to you if you use bland, general keywords. For example, Google currently [February 2019] returns the following search engine results for these searches:These are all massive numbers (thanks Google for Jobs!) but you can see the point we’re making - more specific search queries give fewer results.Not many people might search on “SW17 South London Graphic Design Jobs”, but if you’re in the SW17 postcode area, it’s worth putting that into your keywords and your body text as well as “Wandsworth”.Longer keyword phrases often mean higher intent. For example, “design jobs” is window shopping or browsing type search – it may be considering a career change – but someone searching for “SW17 South London Graphic Design Jobs” most likely has a high intent to “buy” (or in this case find a new job). With this longer keyword phrase, you’d get less visits from the search engines, but more chance of conversion into business.Break into bite size chunksWhen the phrases get too long, it is often best to break them up. Search engines don’t pay attention to standard punctuation marks or line breaks. They read right through full stops, semi-colons, hyphens, commas without hesitation. That means you have a lot more flexibility than you might think.For example, if the key phrase you wanted to use was “design and architecture recruitment London”, it might be cumbersome or even impossible to make this readable in a normal body of text. By breaking it up with some punctuation, it can sound perfectly natural.“…our website hosts the very latest design and architecture jobs. London’s got so much to offer talented designers…”How special are you?As well as geographical constraints where they affect your work, you should pick keywords that people will search that enable your business to stand out. If there are any niches you occupy, make sure you write it down and keep writing it down! Don’t try to compete with basic keywords on their own – you won’t get on top of Google’s search results for a search like “Jobs”, but you might get nearer for niche searches like “Architecture Jobs in Wandsworth”.Next article we’ll talk more about page titles…If all of this sounds too complicated or time consuming, we work closely with Distinctly, an SEO agency with considerable experience in the recruitment sector.Interested in an SEO compliant recruitment website? Please contact me at or call +44 (0)8000 199 737 or for more information visit

The secrets of SEO success – keywords & key phrases

By Peter Morrow   March 6, 2019  

In this article I aim to explain the importance of content for SEO and the basics of writing in SEO language so you can get it working for you and your business.

Most recently we talked about Content being King, here we explain why Keywords are so important...

Keywords are the core content of your site and you should know your keywords. If you’re responsible for writing and updating your web site and don’t know your organisations keywords, then you should make it your first priority. They should also be reviewed regularly as your business develops through time. Keyword suggestion tools exist on the web – sometimes they can be useful, but some are better than others. One of the original and best ways of defining your keywords is to ‘brainstorm’ your own staff – and sometimes your clients too.

If you have access to your website statistics, you can see what search results may have already brought people into your website. This can be handy for helping you to build on good keywords, and also to identify new ones if they’re part of a longer search phrase.

Number of words

This depends on what your writing, for

Landing page content aim for at least 200 words
Blogs & news articles aim for around 300 words. Alternatively if it is a detailed article, break it up into separate postings; the key here is to find the natural breaks.
Job descriptions aim between 500 and 2000 words. There is evidence that finding the right balance between relevant detail and being concise will increase applications by up to a third.

Key phrases

Key phrases should be used too, wherever possible. Key phrases are groups of two, three or four words in the order of how you anticipate people might put them into a search engine. For example, “Our site is packed with loads of London design jobs, updated daily” is capturing the three key words “London”, “design”, and “jobs” as a key phrase that someone is likely to type into a search engine, i.e., “London Design Jobs”

Next article we’ll talk more about relevant keywords…

If all of this sounds too complicated or time consuming, we work closely with Distinctly, an SEO agency with considerable experience in the recruitment sector.

If you're interested in an SEO compliant recruitment website please contact me at


How to bill big

By Steve Riley   December 14, 2018  
WHAT IS “HOW TO BILL BIG 2019”? “How to Bill Big 2019” is Alex Arnot’s 10 part training programme for recruitment consultants sharing the best practice that has helped the 5 recruiters he mentors exceed £1 million/year billings.Each session is available on demand as a recording as well as being delivered live, online with interactive exercises plus Q&A. 5 REASONS TO SIGN UPFull refund guarantee: if having joined 3 live online sessions you don’t feel you have received value then you will receive 100% of your money back, no discussion. Company-wide licence: The licence is company-wide so any of your staff can join any of the live sessions or access the on-demand sessions whenever they want throughout 2019! 10 live, online interactive sessions: The 10 live sessions have interactive exercises to improve learning plus your team can ask questions to get immediate feedback. All sessions available on demand: All sessions will be available live as recordings. At least 8 sessions (recorded in 2018) will actually be available on demand from 1 January 2019 until they can be replaced with recordings of the live sessions from 2019. The value Alex’s 2018 clients got from the programme: Alex’s clients from 2018 have provided lots of testimonials which you can read here: SHOULD JOIN THE PROGRAMME? How to Bill Big in 10 Hours is for every recruiter billing less than £750k per year regardless of experience, niche or geography – no time wasted, one hour per month punchy sessions without having to leave their desks. ABOUT ALEX ARNOT Alex holds mentoring and board advisory roles with 35 growing recruitment companies and during the last 10 years has advised the Founders, CEOs and boards of hundreds of businesses and chaired over 1,000 board meetings. He is also a Recruiter columnist and Recruiter Awards judge. FXRecruiter SPECIAL RATE Alex is offering FXRecruiter clients a company-wide licence for £276.50/month+vat for 10 months (a 30% discount), giving your whole team access to this great resource for the whole of 2019! NB: this rate is not available through Alex’s website.SIGN UP LINK: "I increased my billings from £900k to £1.4M in the last 12 months and virtually all of that came from what I learnt from Alex. If you don’t think it’s worth investing £395/month to have your recruiters learn how Alex helped me add £500,000 in a year, then you seriously need to give your head a wobble!" Sarah T, finance recruiter FULL PROGRAMME & DATES The programme includes 10 live, interactive, online masterclasses with Q&A plus on demand recordings of all sessions.Friday 25th January 2019, 1pm What makes a big biller? The traits & shared behaviours of £million billersFriday 22nd February 2019, 1pm It’s all about you: SWOT your way to success then learn the targets, planning, ratios & self-motivation frameworks you need to bill bigFriday 29th March, 11am Smash your ceiling: how to exceed your billing ceiling and surpass revenue targets more consistentlyFriday 26th April, 11am Maximising revenue: how to make the most of every client: and fill a higher % of jobsFriday 31st May, 11am Advanced new business winning: The #1 secret of the £1m+ billersFriday 28th June, 11am Ask Alex: I'll provide instant solutions to any challenge you face on how to bill biggerFriday 26 July, 11am Attracting more quality candidatesFriday 30th August, 11am Time management: how one recruiter went from a £500,000 biller to the £1M Club in 12 months27th September 2019, 11am Become a social media pro: the online tricks that are proven to increase billings25th October 2019, 11am Ask Alex: an interactive wrap-up session to ensure successful implementation of all the ideas learnt and provide answers to any final challenges on how to bill big MORE INFORMATION: Want more information? Contact Alex directly: 07949 082 661 | |

Give A Grad A Go triumph at NORAs

By Steve Riley   November 15, 2018  
People never forget how you made them feel Many congratulations to Give A Grad A Go for scooping the award for Best Small Recruitment Agency at the National Online Recruitment Awards.The award recognises their success and the website's user experience for both candidates and clients.The nuts and bolts of a website are a given. You should be able to find the phone number, get in touch, find a job, sign up for job alerts, share social links ...all that good stuff. It should all just work. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou Less tangible perhaps is how you do this – is it interesting for the candidate? Do you lead them gently through the process whilst still making them feel like they’re dealing with real people? Does the website make you feel “these are people I want to do business with”?That is what Give A Grad A Go has achieved with their new website.We’re delighted to bask in the reflected glory of our client’s success and pleased to see their site given the recognition it deserves.All of our sites that really soar are owned by clients deeply passionate about what they do and committed to getting the best out of their website. Their current site went live summer 2018 and has already proved a hit with candidates. The development process leading up to launch was richly collaborative with some great ideas from the client. We learned from them as much as they (hopefully!) learned from us. For example, their ideas for the candidate dashboard soon found their way back in to our core product (with due recognition).MD Cary Curtis: "We'd been struggling to complete our website for a number of years and it was a real relief to partner with Dave and the Reverse Delta team. The website is our bloodline and we love it. The registration process is the best we've had and candidates tell us the site is very straightforward to use." A recent Google Review sums it up for candidates: "The website was so easy to navigate, and I could easily filter out results according to the industries that I was interested in." Congratulations to everyone at Give A Grad A Go!  About Reverse Delta Reverse Delta is one of a handful of specialists in the niche recruitment sector and has specialised in digital recruitment for 16 years now. We’ve been consistently nominated and recognised for our excellence in the sector and we’re delighted to see Give A Grad A Go's website achieve the recognition it deserves. Links

Moz’s “SEO “Dinosaur” Tactics That You Should Retire” – a great read.

By Dave Haygarth   September 20, 2018  
I try to avoid just reblogging others' content but draw the line when:I really know that my readers are not likely to see it elsewhere I know that my readers are really in need of seeing it It's very good!So with that in mind, I want to show you the latest thinking from the SEO people who are not as hard of thinking as some of the other 'SEO People' who are so willing to give you that free report of how your site is under-performing.Rand Fishkin from Moz - people clever SEO guys - has done a great Whiteboard Friday piece on trying to get you to not focus on outdated things and look at what's really important in today's world.He blows some good old fashioned cr*p out of the water like " obsessing about keyword placement in certain tags and certain areas. For example, spending inordinate amounts of time and energy making sure that the H1 and H2, the headline tags, can contain keywords, making sure that the URL contains the keywords in exactly the format that you want with the hyphens, repeating text a certain number of times in the content"A very good watch - and read the full article hereMoz Whiteboard Friday - SEO Dinosaur Techniques

Life in a post GDPR world

By Steve Riley   July 12, 2018  
Now the dust has settled and we're almost 'back to normal', where do we stand?We'd all known that 25 May was coming for at least 2 years but it took a deadline to focus minds and be the catalyst for activity.We're all familiar with the deluge of "We'd like to stay in touch" emails from people we'd once bought something online from and long ago forgotten. Most of these arrived in the last 2 weeks before the deadline.We started quietly upgrading websites in 2017 to be compliant with the new regime. We took guidance from all corners for best practice, not least from the ICO, to ensure the things we put in place were shining examples of good practice. Our recent software platform releases have been compliant from the start but we still had a backlog of established sites to upgrade.GDPR brought new responsibilities for website owners (clients) and website builders (us!) and rightly put a lot more power in the hands of end users. This caused us a lot of short term pain but we knew it was the right thing to do. As an aside, it was interesting to see the range of attitudes amongst clients to the new regime. These ranged from embracing wholeheartedly and seeing an opportunity to cleanse their database and position themselves afresh as ethical recruiters, through painful but necessary, right through to refusal to engage and burying their heads to the implications. What should you look for in a supplier? Someone who will work with you in partnership. Someone who is open and honest about their software and how it holds sensitive data. Someone who is committed to 'doing the right thing', even if it's not always the most convenient thing. What next? Be vigilant. Be honest, if you have a data breach report it through the proper channels. Although there are potential fines for infringements these are unlikely to be used against smaller companies showing they are trying to follow the rules. The ICO has said that they will follow a 'carrot before stick' approach encouraging good behaviour before punishing bad. The legislation is new and there is little case law - this will only emerge over time. But examples are only likely to be made of large organisations being demonstrably careless with personal data.Take GDPR as a realignment of your responsibilities to candidates. Personal data rightly belongs to the individual and they have a clear right to control that data. We've had the Data Protection Act for 20 years now and we should all have got used to thinking 'privacy'. The new regime merely extends the previous legislation and puts more power in the hands of individuals.