Category: Link Building

Content is Advertising

By Dave Haygarth   March 20, 2008  
Techdirt reckons the banner ad is dead and that content is advertising. It's an opportunity to re-inforce your company values, help your audience in some way and interact with them.Have great, useful content on your site and people will link to you.I think people are smart to advertising and tend to ignore them: the even smarter may deploy ad blocking software so they don't even see them. However, they search Google, read reviews, trawl forums; in short they do their research. Content is still king, and blogging and forums are great tools to encourage interaction and discussion.

Buying links: The debate rages on…

By Dave Haygarth   January 27, 2008  
You may be aware that Google updated their algorithm last year to penalise sites that have a lot of paid links pointing to them. Many high profiles sites saw a drop in PageRank because the sites that link to them were being heavily penalised for selling links. But when is a link classed as a paid link? The most obvious examples are TextLinkAds (who now don't even rank well in Google results for a search for their exact name -- other than as a sponsored link). But hey, aren't AdWords paid links? Of course they are. Google just doesn't like the competition. Yahoo has been selling links in the Yahoo directory since before Google was even live (but thats OK apparently).The debate rages on. Interesting reading here and here.