By: Steve Riley On: January 16, 2017 In: Internet trends, Reverse Delta's Blog, Security, Uncategorised Comments: 0

Apologies for a more technical post this time (we’re web geeks after all!). In this post we’ll be looking at the type of server...

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By: Dave Haygarth On: November 03, 2016 In: Internet trends, Mobile Web Comments: 0

They predicted 2016 a long time ago and in October 2016, it happened. 51.3% mobile and tablet browsing and the desktop’s at 48.7%.  No...

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By: Dave Haygarth On: February 12, 2016 In: Internet trends Comments: 0

We just wanted to share this insightful post from elsewhere on designing for a great mobile experience: “Fifteen years ago, undergoing a website redesign...

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By: Steve Riley On: January 07, 2016 In: Internet trends, Reverse Delta's Blog Comments: 0

If you ever get chatting to a group of web developers (poor you!) it won’t be long before they start moaning about the difficulty...

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By: Steve Riley On: July 03, 2015 In: Internet trends, Mobile Web, Reverse Delta's Blog Comments: 0

At the risk of banging an all-too familiar drum, we’ve just stumbled across some interesting data from the Indeed blog. You’ve heard us urging...

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By: Dave Haygarth On: June 23, 2015 In: Internet trends, Reverse Delta's Blog Comments: 0

Of course there is, there’s an app for everything. But should there be? Should recruiters develop their own mobile app? We build websites for...

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So… today’s the day.  Google gave warning a few months back and today it’s hitting home – the day to set the web truly...

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By: Steve Riley On: March 02, 2015 In: Internet trends, Opinion, Reverse Delta's Blog Comments: 0

We’re big fans of responsive websites here at Reverse Delta. All our recent sites have been responsive-friendly and more of our clients now expect...

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I’ve been asked this quite a lot lately, so felt it a good time to blog about it. At Reverse Delta, we specialise in...

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By: Dave Haygarth On: January 23, 2014 In: Google, Internet trends, News, Web help, Web news Comments: 0

So Google has now taken it upon itself to adopt the Microsoft software release method. You know the one I mean… “We don’t care...

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