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Employers asking candidates for Social Media passwords during recruitment process

By Dave Haygarth   May 22, 2012  
It seems that employers in the US are being rather invasive with regards to vetting candidates during recruitment and interview processes. We all know that prospective employers will potentially look at candidates facebook pages or twitter accounts to attempt to get a better insight to their prospective employees. However, recently stories indicate that there is now an increasing number of companies who actually want to have the passwords for candidate social media accounts so they can login and "have a look round" at information not normally available on public profiles. This is being done through direct questions on an application form or during the interview process, with some interviewers asking the candidates to login to their accounts there and then.  Other methods involve employers asking the candidates to "friend" a member of the the HR team so that they can see the information normally reserved for people considered as a friend. Is this invasion of privacy or legitimate screening of a candidate?  Probably both depending on the circumstances and position being applied for. One thing for sure is that people are bound to have very strong views on this topic and this debate will surely be another 'battle' over privacy on the internet. You can read the full story here.    

Happy Christmas … this is what we’ll be doing

By Dave Haygarth   December 17, 2010  
May we wish all of our clients, suppliers and friends of Reverse Delta a very happy and rewarding Christmas and New Year period. This year, the Reverse Delta team have helped Re~Cycle's mission is to collect secondhand bicycles and ship them to Africa. Our partners distribute bikes and teach riders the skills to repair and maintain them. Our Christmas & New Year Office Hours Christmas Eve: 9:00am - 16:30pm Monday 27th December - Closed Tuesday 28th December - Closed Wednesday 29th December - 8:30am - 4:30pm Thursday 30th December - 8:30am - 4:30pm Friday 31st December - 8:30am - 3:30pm Monday 3rd January - Closed Tuesday 4th January - Business as usual

Wishing All Our Customers, Suppliers and Partners a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year

By Dave Haygarth   December 23, 2009  
As has become customary for RD, we have donated to a worthy charity rather than spending on cards and postage - thus saving a few trees (and denying the Royal Mail some income - but you can't have everything!) This year we have made a donation to the World Wildlife Fund to help with their campaign to safeguard the natural world and tackle the global threat of climate change. You can also make a donation here:

Coming Soon: The Wind-Up Web Machine

By Dave Haygarth   November 30, 2007  
In case you missed it in the Guardian last week, Stephen Fry's new gadget column was about "Eco" - a wind-up media player from Trevor Baylis, inventor of such great devices as the wind up radio.It features a 1.8" screen, and 2 gigabytes of internal memory, which holds around 500 songs, and this can be expanded by adding an SD Memory Card. It's "Dual Power system" uses an Internal Lithium Ion battery that can be recharged from a PC's USB port. The "ECO-Dynamo system" provides approx 40 minutes audio play time for each 1 minute of winding up.Looks wise it does not beat the iPod, but what a great (and green) idea. It has a host of other features, from file storage, misc and video players as well as being able to charge up your phone and incorporating a torch :)How long before he produces a device with a web browser on it, so we can wind up and browse?

Google searches for cheap green fuel

By Dave Haygarth   November 28, 2007  
An interesting development from a huge global company with little or no reliance on the oil indeustry - a rare thing!Google aims to develop cheap and clean sources of energy to replace polluting fossil fuels and tackle global warming. The company said last night it would invest "hundreds of millions" of dollars in the project.Google will focus initially on solar thermal power, wind power, geothermal systems and other "potential breakthrough" technologies. It wants to find cheaper, less polluting ways to supply its own demand for energy, as well as accelerate the replacement of fossil fuels for worldwide electricity generation.Read more here...Google to pour millions into search for cheap green fuel | Environment | The Guardian

Solar Chargers for laptops on the up…

By Dave Haygarth   September 27, 2007  
Okay - we know that summer's been generally devoid of sunshine, but there's still enough energy coming through those clouds to help us IT consumers keep out electricity bills down and a carbon footprints a bit smaller.Solar laptop, PDA and Phone chargers are starting to get a small hold on the market, and this is surely (we hope) the thin end of the wedge. Some of the products available have grown so quickly during the last 12 months that it's hard to keep track. Here's some links to places where they can be bought: course, where price is an issue, the free market will always lend a hand and drive down the cost to the consumer - and the kings of the free market are ebay - who (at the time of writing) seem to be able to offer you a charger 'briefcase' for less than £60, including postage.The general availability of powerful, dedicated solar laptop chargers is pretty poor still in this country, and the best ones come at a premium (see here), but you can guarantee that the movement has got some momentum. Once the price starts to come down, the market will start to blossom.

Comprehensive US report shows how ICT has a role in cutting carbon emissions

By Dave Haygarth   September 26, 2007  
There are some fantastic and interesting statistics in this comprehensive report into the role home working (or 'telecommuting' as people in the US refer to it) can play in cutting down or carbon emissions.One point that really sticks with me (as a recently converted 'telecommuter') is that "Annually, a worker with a one-way commute of 22 miles can save up to 81,000 MJ of energy per week. 81000 MJ is equivalent to about 50% of the annual electricity consumption of an average (US) household."... and I don't start work full of road (or, train, bus, tube) rage!Full report here (268kb PDF, 91 pages).Context of the report on the CEA website here.

RD Environmental Audit

By Dave Haygarth   March 1, 2007  
We're in the early stages of having an environmental audit carried out. Ever since Reverse Delta started up, we've wanted to be a responsible company and minimise our environmental impact.It's easy to talk the talk, to buy into carbon offset schemes, etc., but without this audit, we won't know where we are now, and how we might be able to improve things. We already pride ourselves on not buying into dedicated office space and encouraging home working, but watch this space to find out how the audit goes and how we're planning on making Reverse Delta a green beacon !