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Be distinctive with your content

By Peter Morrow   December 8, 2021  
Making your recruitment website content truly distinctive Distinctive design and unique content should be a core aim for every recruitment website. One of the questions we ask our clients is, ‘what makes your agency genuinely unique?’ Ask yourself this question, too – why should your clients and candidates choose you and not one of your competitors? It’s all about standing out from the crowd and making your business personality shine through. The first impression you make is crucial – users decide in seconds whether to stay on your website. You should grab their attention with exciting content. Quality content will make them want to stay for longer. Aim to be Distinctive!   How to be distinctive? The answer is in developing your brand identity. You should aim to make it distinct and unforgettable. Focus on your brand’s tone of voice, values and visuals. Firstly, your brand’s tone of voice is the primary influence on how your brand is perceived by your clients and other prospective businesses in the industry. We recommend that you aim to define a distinct and clear tone of voice across your recruitment website. However, take into consideration both your audience as well as your overall goal. Make sure that you remain consistent across all the pages on your website. Consistency will make your business appear credible and authoritative while building a stronger connection with your audience. Secondly, your brand’s core values are also the key to differentiating your business. Values represent what your company stands for. Explaining your business values will connect with your audience. They should be a part of everything that your business does. Portray them in visuals such as your logo and colour scheme. Make it yours. Lastly, Influencing SEO is another reason why your recruitment agency website should be distinct. Content directly impacts SEO. Moreover, search engines, such as Google, prefer unique content which identifies you from your competitors. For example, Google considers quality, relevance and uniqueness when ranking websites in search results. Google is interested in unique quality content because it sets you apart from everyone else.   Focus on who visits your website A top-notch recruitment website design should always strive to cover what we like to call the three Cs:  Clients – one of your primary aims is to draw in and convert new clients. Candidates – another of your main aims is to successfully attract new candidates to the excellent jobs you are working to fill for your clients! Consultants – every agency wants to expand, and attracting the right people to work for your business is the key to expansion. Show your current team in the best light so clients and candidates can put a name to the face. In conclusion, we recommend that you think about generating a solid marketing strategy for each of the 3 Cs. At Reverse Delta, we can help you with this, utilising our superior knowledge of creating best-in-class recruitment websites.   We provide creative services for recruitment agencies to translate their business vision into the online world. Let us support you in making your recruitment website truly distinct!   Get in touch today with one of our experts to discuss the broad range of our creative services. Find out all about how we can help you to grow your agency online. Contact Reverse Delta, or give us a call on 08000 199737.

Simplify managing multiple brands with FXRecruiter

By Peter Morrow   May 17, 2021  

The modern recruitment industry values specialisation — an in-the-know recruiter who can look under the hood of a given industry and quickly spot the growth areas, target candidates with the right skills and connect them to clients looking to find the best talent out there.

But what if your recruitment business has multiple specialisations, each with its own website, branding and talent pools? Managing and collaborating across these multiple brands can be a costly and time-consuming process. Multiple website domains, each with its own host of add-ons. Multiple password logins, at least one of which you’ve misplaced in a drawer somewhere. Multiple responsibilities across the sites, many of which are duplicated.

FXRecruiter is the solution for those with multiple websites. Our all-in-one integrated recruitment platform for the modern recruitment company allows the scalability and flexibility you need to effectively run and manage multiple recruitment brands, each with its own specialists, each with its own pools of candidates.
A few key points as to how FXRecruiter can help:
1)  Multiple websites on a single content management system

Enjoy the benefits of being able to set up multiple websites, sorting them by specialism, sector, region or job title. Everything is connected to the same back-end system, simplifying your workflow. You can even limit users’ access rights, so the right people only get to see or manage the right content.

2)  Good for SEO

Specialist websites perform better on Google for their particular audiences, as the search engine’s algorithms can more readily parse what your site is ‘about’, and thus link you to the correct audiences.

3)  Cost-effective

Hosting multiple websites through one back-end is much cheaper than hosting multiple domains. ATS, CRM and Multi-poster integrations will be simpler to include, aiding cost-effectiveness.

4)  Domain hosting options

FXRecruiter allows you to choose whether to host multiple sites on sub-domains ( or sub-folders ( If you’re unsure as to what that means, it’s essentially the difference between your sites being treated as a number of branches emanating from the same root, or a cluster of trees sat nearby. Read more here.

5)  Security

FXRecruiter is exceptionally safe, and having a single, user-authenticated login will make sure your business remains safe.

6)  Shareability

FXRecruiter makes it easy to share content across multiple sites, whether that’s your scorching hot new blog, company news or a fantastic new job opening. That’s less time spent copy-pasting across multiple domains too — similar to how FXRecruiter can also automatically post your new jobs across multiple jobs sites. This also makes it easier to keep track of essential pages like the Contact Form, T&Cs, and so on.

On top of all this, FXRecruiter is continuously updated and improved upon for peak performance, with regular new features.

Bringing the FXRecruiter platform into your recruitment business gives you the opportunity to expand and push your brand (or brands) into new territories. Whether that’s a specialist sector you want to improve in or a region where you’d like to increase your industry-leading position, we can help you find the solutions.

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