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Six tips for attracting new clients to your recruitment website in 2021

By Peter Morrow   January 26, 2021  

When designing your recruitment website, your goal is ultimately to acquire quality candidates and quality clients. Talent begets talent, like a circle. With high-quality candidates on offer, high-quality businesses will come to you. With high-quality businesses on offer, high-quality candidates will be drawn to you.

Your role as a recruitment firm is to be the matchmaker, to create an effective and efficient system that benefits both client and candidate. Key to that is your digital marketing strategy, which will attract your audience to your firm. Your digital marketing strategy needs to showcase who you are, what you do, and what you can offer to your customers.

Here are six quick tips to supercharge your digital marketing strategy this year:

Use social media — especially LinkedIn!
It’s almost impossible to run a business these days without some social media presence. Around 45 million Britons are on social media — the question is, which platform? For recruitment firms, the first choice will always be LinkedIn. After all, it’s the professional network of social media — people looking to apply for jobs will be active on LinkedIn. Building a profile with regular activity will make your firm stand out.

How we can help: We can set up an automatic feed of jobs to your LinkedIn company page. Your consultants can use the sharing buttons on jobs, blogs and news to share content with their own profile pages. Candidates can apply or sign-in using their Linkedin details.
Pay attention to SEO
If nobody can find your job, nobody will apply for it. Consider the keywords you’ll use in the job advert you’re going to build for your client. With the right search engine optimisation, the chances of the right person applying for the job will increase.

How we can help: FXRecruiter will automate much of your SEO, using the keywords in your job titles, their locations and categories. You can also follow our blog for more help and advice — e.g. great SEO tips for your website, writing a great job description.
Optimise for Google for Jobs
Alongside tip number 2, making sure your job adverts are optimised for Google for Jobs will mean that the search engine will index your postings and automatically add them to relevant searches.

How we can help: FXRecruiter already integrates with Google for Jobs so provided your jobs are on your site, they should also appear on Google for Jobs.
Affiliates and testimonials
The best form of marketing is word-of-mouth — nothing beats genuine praise. However, waiting for your audience to start leaving reviews and feedback can take time. Collecting and showcasing (genuine) testimonials on your site is one method. But using affiliates — say, those who are already using your service — and encouraging them to refer other candidates or clients to you via rewards is an even more powerful way of encouraging audience growth. Be mindful of GDPR though, old style ‘refer a friend’ won’t cut it.

How we can help: By building an effective, stylish testimonials page. If you’re looking towards affiliate methods, FXRecruiter is entirely GDPR-compliant, with data security a priority, ensuring that any potential data issues will be covered.
Use content to position your brand
Providing your audience with something concrete that they can gain value from — a video, an article, an interview, or a podcast — gives you a twofold benefit. Not only does it drive hits to your site (especially when combined with effective SEO), it will also position you as an industry leader. Think about the regular publications you read — do you consider them to be thought leaders in your sector? They didn’t become experts overnight. They put the hard graft in to develop that position.

How we can help: In addition to our website design services, our award-winning creative team can provide you with the content and brand development to position yourself as a thought leader in your sector.
Build an email list
Encouraging your audience to sign up to your job alerts and email lists allows you to notify them of any exciting job opportunities that come up. Not only that, you can utilise a mailing list to highlight exciting new developments, your latest blog posts, or any other content that feels relevant to your audience.

How we can help: FXRecruiter provides easy, accessible, and data secure methods for building a segmented email list.
Our bespoke platform for designing and maintaining recruitment websites, FXRecruiter, is in an ideal position to help you win new clients in 2021. Find out more here.


SEO tips for planning your recruitment website – how to build a sitemap

By Peter Morrow   January 12, 2021  

A website sitemap is critical to great recruitment website design. A sitemap is a file with a list of all the web pages accessible on your site, visible to both users and the crawler bots that search engines use to trawl and index site information.

Just as a map gives you directions to where you’re going, with an ‘X’ marking the destination, a sitemap does the same for a search engine, directing it to the available information on your site, and making it a simpler process to understand the details available on each page. The search engine can then begin to ‘learn’ how to index your site, before ranking it according to searcher intent. The bigger the site, the more useful a sitemap.

To give you an idea, here is an image of how a sitemap could be visualised.

So, how can you start conceptualising your website with a sitemap in mind to help with SEO?


1) Clarify the purpose of your website

What are you aiming to achieve, and who is your target audience? You’re almost certainly already doing this, whether through your use of content or through your business’s LinkedIn profile, pitching yourself and your company with a specific image in mind. But approaching this from the purpose of a sitemap will help outline your calls to action as a business, and the CTAs the search engine will focus on.


2) Crawler bot pace

A well-organised sitemap will be easier for a crawler bot to read through, speeding up your appearance on search engines. But it’s a win-win situation, as a good sitemap will make for a happier bot too, making it more likely to rank you highly. Reverse Delta will always send a text version of the sitemap to Google anyway as best practice.


3) Site architecture

As recruitment website design experts, we at Reverse Delta know how to craft an optimised site that will fulfil your needs. But a great sitemap helps us optimise your site’s architecture from the ground up, leading to a smoother experience overall for everyone.


4) Avoid unindexed pages

Unindexed pages put simply, are those that can’t be found by a search engine. There are legitimate reasons to create unindexed pages, but for your purposes this is unlikely. An HTML sitemap means that the crawler bots can index and search your entire site, leaving no stone unturned.


5) Strong internal linking

Don’t just link to pages from the menu; also use “signposts” (eg icons, buttons or text links) on other pages, and text links (bonus points for having your keywords here) so there are multiple routes to your content.


6) Have an XML sitemap too

Google (and other search engines) like these - they’re not really for humans. Your web people can help here. Make sure they include links to your jobs.


7) Identify room for improvement

A good sitemap won’t just improve what’s already great about your site and your brand. It can help you see where there might still be work to be done — a dead-end here, a content-scarce section there, unclear CTAs (Call To Action) over here. Having a map doesn’t just show you a direction — it can show you where not to go as well.


8) Spread the word

Too easy to just leave it hanging there. Now to tell the bots. Get your sitemap submitted to the obvious places. Google’s Search Console, sure, but don’t forget Bing’s power - it’s often built into the ‘default’ service on all Windows devices, so their console counts.


So if you’re thinking about building a website for your recruitment firm, why not spend a few minutes drawing out a likely sitemap and structuring how your site might look.


Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help build your website here.


COVID-19 – our assurance to you

By Dave Haygarth   March 12, 2020  

UPDATE: 20th April 2020
Our thoughts are with those most affected by COVID-19 and the healthcare professionals, carers and other key workers providing the care needed.

At Reverse Delta we too have been doing our part by ensuring the safety of our employees and continuing to provide a service to you allowing you to work remotely; offering your end to end recruitment service.

Since our statement below, before the current UK government lockdown came into force, we wanted to assure you that:

Your service is our primary focus - our own support and maintenance teams and our hosting partners are all running a normal service. 
We are working full time with 100% staff coverage, all enabled for effective and secure home working
We have not, as yet, needed to furlough any staff members 
We have not, as yet, taken any external funding, e.g. Business interruption loans

Looking ahead
We fully expect to weather this crisis, and to be here to support you, our customers, our staff, and their families for years to come.  We appreciate your ongoing support and custom during these uncertain times.

Thank you so much for entrusting your recruitment website to Reverse Delta. We take this responsibility very seriously and want to deliver on our promise to you every day.

With the current outbreak of COVID-19 and the impact the virus is having on you, your clients, your employees and families, we would like to share our position on our ongoing commitment to you and reassure you.
Availability of our team
Reverse Delta is a UK based company with employees who are set up with robust procedures and systems to work remotely as well as in their normal offices. When we recruit our staff, all of our employees are equipped to seamlessly connect with our colleagues and our clients, regardless of location, on tried and tested cloud-based systems in a secure environment. We feel confident in our continued ability to serve your business as usual, regardless of how any future development of the COVID-19 virus could affect our physical work locations.
Availability of FXRecruiter
Our FXRecruiter platform is hosted by partners who have fully audited business continuity and backup plans in place, and we are in contact with them on a regular basis as this global virus develops and spreads. As governments need to adapt any plans for movement of people, we have satisfied ourselves that the action plans are thorough for our hosting partners. We only partner with only the most sophisticated, enterprise-grade, hosting experts, who are themselves  ahead of the curve in best-practices during this outbreak.

Whilst COVID-19 remains a huge concern for all of us, we want to reassure you that your website and service remains our highest priority, and we will be on hand to deal with any questions or concerns you may have about the service we provide.

As a technology provider, we are proud to provide hundreds of recruitment websites on our FXRecruiter platform, seeing tens of thousands of candidate applications per year on our secure and trusted software. On top of that, we provide support and the expertise of our team to be on hand if you have any doubts or concerns about the service. Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, we fully expect to continue to deliver the same level of service to our customers and have measures in place to ensure this.


Love is in the air: the similarities between your recruitment agency website and modern dating!

By Rachel Allen   February 14, 2020  

Love is well and truly in the air at “Reverse Delta HQ,” so we thought we’d embrace Valentine’s Day with a little trip down memory lane and talk about how we first started out as web developers over 18 years ago.

You might not know, but in the early days, Reverse Delta was the web developer for one of the largest dating sites in the country. The work that we did to create highly complex algorithms for the dating sites was actually very similar to the work in creating algorithms for our award-winning recruiter website platform FXRecruiter.  Turns out that the techniques to match potential daters and potential candidates with employers can be pretty similar!

So, although we’ve moved on from our early days of dating site development, we thought it would be a bit of fun to pull together a blog which shows the common dating terms for 2020 and how your recruitment agency website can help you to navigate the complex world of both dating and recruitment!

Benching - ‘keeping a potential love interest on the bench, just in case.’

The Jobs Archive function in FXRecruiter keeps candidates ‘on the bench.’ This isn’t as horrible as it sounds from a dating perspective - the Jobs Archive function simply means that older jobs can still remain visible to Google so may come up in a candidate’s Google search, but although they won’t be able to apply, they will be instead alerted to similar roles.  So, you’re driving traffic to your website and increasing applications without needing to do much!

Breadcrumbing - ‘keep in occasional contact but with no desire to meet.’

By integrating your recruitment agency website with one of FXRecruiter’s many integrations, you can send any passive candidates updates about your recruitment agency and helpful content such as job search tips or industry/sector news via a blog or newsletter.  This way, you’re keeping your pipeline of candidates engaged on the off-chance that the ideal job will come up.

Ghosting/Haunting/Orbiting - ‘ignoring a love interest, continuing to watch them on social media, or interacting with their posts but not engaging in direct communication.’

All of these, from a dating perspective, are very harsh and we’d advise all recruitment agencies to set up a way to make sure you can quickly and effectively thank people for the time in applying for a role and (permissions dependant) ensuring that they know we can keep in touch with them, either via your social media platforms or through email.  By engaging with candidates in this way, you’re keeping them active on your database for when the ideal job comes along.

Ghosting candidates is a terrible thing to do, so we make sure our websites are built to provide a brilliant candidate experience. We’ve built in a bunch of features to automate some of this work, so that you are keeping in touch with candidates as much as you can during the application process. Failing to keep your candidates engaged or if they have a bad experience with you is potentially very damaging to your recruitment agency’s reputation.

Cushioning - ‘keeping in touch with a love interest in case of a break-up.’

From a dating perspective, this means keeping in touch with somebody other than your chosen partner ‘just in case’ the relationship ends.  Given that a third of new hires leave within six months, it is perhaps worth keeping in touch with the ‘second best’ candidate just in case your placed candidate leaves (you can then re-interview them).  Again, use your CRM and social media to keep these candidates engaged by offering them valuable content to help them with their career, so that your agency is front of mind for them.

See also ‘benching’ above - make sure you’ve got decent candidates on the bench and use your digital tools to keep them engaged.

Catfishing - ‘creating a whole new identity in order to start a relationship.’

A good recruiter will be able to spot a dodgy CV a mile off. But, FXRecruiter can help to provide consultants with top-quality profiles because candidates can apply for roles using their social accounts.  A LinkedIn profile is likely to be more accurate as it’s visible to all of a candidate's connections, making ‘catfishing’ much harder in recruitment!

So, now you have the number of ways that your recruitment agency website can support the recruitment process using modern-day dating analogies.

In all seriousness, the algorithms that you create for both dating agencies and recruitment agencies have a number of similarities:

The commodity is actually people’s personal data, so it needs to be kept ultra-safe
The search criteria your daters are looking for is similar to recruiters - location, salary, whether they are looking for something ‘permanent or temporary!’
You might look at a particular job advert or dating profile and whilst they might not quite hit the mark, it’s useful to have other suggestions, based on similar data which again, both dating sites and recruitment sites should be able to handle.

If you think Reverse Delta could be your perfect match of recruitment agency website designer, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with one of our recruitment tech experts on 08000 199737 or


Looking back at 15 Years of Reverse Delta

By Dave Bancroft   November 6, 2017  
In this post we've persuaded our founder and MD David Bancroft to come out of hiding on the blog and reflect on the last 15 years for Reverse Delta and perhaps look forward to the next... The early years The dot-com bust had left me a little battered and bruised, and after a bit of time off on a once-in-a-lifetime round the world trip, I returned, energised and ready for my next chapter. I didn’t feel like going back to being a development manager, and didn’t really feel like working for anyone else. So I started Reverse Delta, as many do, in the spare bedroom.In the early years I was very hands-on: designing, developing and search engine optimising sites from scratch. There weren’t many tools available, just Dreamweaver and Flash. How times have changed: you wouldn’t dream of creating a website from scratch anymore: you’d likely start with something like WordPress or Wix. Similarly, you probably wouldn’t look for a generic web designer, but a specialist in your sector. I’ve lost count of the times clients have come to us having been let down by a web developer/nephew/friend's daughter who’s now “doing something else” and can’t help with your hacked/broken site. The web has become such an important tool for businesses that our market has fragmented. If you want a recruitment site and have any nous, you will go with a recruitment website specialist, who knows your sector and can work with the other suppliers within it, so your website can be part of that eco-system. You’d also, I suggest, want to know that someone is supporting you after go live. The SEO years We did a lot of SEO in the recruitment industry in the early 2000's, when very few people knew what SEO stood for, never mind how it could affect their business. We came from a background of doing the same for online shops and dating sites. We had some great early successes, with clients number one in Google for competitive phrases like 'digital marketing jobs' and 'secretarial jobs in London'. As a consequence, clients were able to reduce their reliance on job board ads (and we picked up more recruitment clients). How the landscape has changed there too. We were quick to notice the effect and the other aggregators were having on search results. As Google cleaned up its act, got cleverer, and promoted AdWords more and more, job boards were being pushed down the rankings, with the recruitment agencies pushed further below. Rather than seeing this as a threat, we saw it as an opportunity and took to partnering with Indeed and then the other aggregators who entered the market.Our SEO experience led to the development of our product FXRecruiter. Tired of repeating the same SEO tasks on badly architected websites, we developed a blueprint which from our extensive experience we knew would work. Everything we knew about SEO was ‘baked in’ to that first version, and we have been building on it ever since. My views on SEO have changed dramatically over the years. Just as many of our competitors were starting to jump on the SEO bandwagon, we stepped back. I firmly believe that if you need structural/architectural SEO work doing on your website, then you have bought the wrong platform. Client: Get me to number one in Google.SEO guy: Of course.  'ABC Limited recruitment agency of London' will be number one in Google so people who already know who you are can find you.Client: Can you research my keywords for me?SEO guy.  Sure.  Here's a big list of job titles.  The invoice is in the post.Client: I want more traffic.SEO guy: Of course.  I'll stick some pictures of kittens on your site.Client: You're fired, I'll find me another SEO eggspurt The present As the web design market has fragmented, so the SEO market has changed. Most are now positioned as ‘content marketers’ or ‘PPC consultants’ and separate to web design companies: it’s a totally different skillset after all. Google's job is to present the best content for any given search. Your contents are your jobs and your blogs, and these are what will be found if people are searching for them. I don’t think you’d want your web developers writing them, but do create fresh content, or hire a specialist to, and you will be rewarded with visitors. Then work hard on engaging and converting those visitors.The other sea-change over the past 10 years has been social media: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook specifically. Syndicating your content while building your networks is all part of the mix. Obsessing about SEO at the expense of other opportunities will waste time and energy. Holistic digital marketing is where it is at.At Reverse Delta, we aim to improve everything we do, every day, with better processes and best in class tools. We invest heavily in R&D ensuring regular feature releases to keep ahead of our competitors so our clients can keep ahead of theirs. Everything we do is to attract, engage, convert and retain users.We’ve been doing digital marketing for recruiters for over 13 years now. We’ve designed and developed hundreds of sites for companies big and small. I think we’re really good at it. On the surface some competitor sites may look similar (after all we lead, they follow) but dig deeper and few have the depth and breadth of functionality we’ve got.We position FXRecruiter as a ‘digital marketing platform’ – it may sound grandiose, but your website is the ‘hub’ of your digital world, with many ‘spokes’ or channels leading to it: emails, job feeds, notifications, adverts and social network posts. FXRecruiter aims to automate as much of this as possible so you can concentrate on adding your own value to your business. The future I’m really proud of where we have got too. It’s been a slow-burner but I think that’s worked for us. We are not private-equity backed looking for a quick exit: we care passionately about what we do and are here for the long haul. A lot of our clients have been with us over 10 years, as have many of our staff and I’m as proud of that as anything else. We’re not aiming to take over the world but we’ve been finalists last 3 years in the National Online Recruitment Awards, and will certainly continue to defend our position among the best recruitment website designers.Recently, we partnered with a leading Global HR software provider with whom we have been working with a number of their global clients on their career sites and digital marketing. We have added full multi-language capability to the FXRecruiter platform and opened up our market to the world. We now support clients in 5 continents, our largest having 55,000 employees.So what about the next 15 years? Imagine if you could tear down your house, and build it again, from the ground up, without any of its imperfections. Watch this space as we have some very exciting announcements coming very soon. Photo by Nikhita Singhal on Unsplash

15 years of revolution

By Steve Riley   August 31, 2017  
A guest post this time from Alex Arnot, respected advisor to more than 25 recruitment companies. On the face of it recruitment is unrecognizable to 15 years ago. Yet at its core it hasn’t changed. If you don’t recognise these apparent contradictions then your recruitment business is going to struggle.Let’s start with what has changed. Technology has transformed our industry. Online publishing and jobs boards have decimated or wiped out the jobs pages of the industry publications that were crucial to attracting candidates. Databases mean that it is easier than ever (in principle) to store and identify candidates. Email makes it cheap and efficient to maintain contact with huge numbers of contacts. Smart phone gives us a flexibility we could hardly have imagined yet simultaneously tether us to work. IT systems enable us to measure almost anything we choose.And then there are websites. 15 years ago a website was an advert with some text a picture and a ‘contact us’ form accessed from a desktop. Now 50%+ of traffic to many recruitment sites is from mobiles and together with the CRM, it is the hub of many businesses and one of the most cost effective revenue generating tools available. It communicates the personality of the recruitment firm; candidates can register with the click of a button and choose how, when and what they want to be contacted about; it enables recruiters to be publishers; it shows us how people interact with the website and individual roles so we can constantly make refinements – it will even tailor what individual users see based on an individual’s previous interaction with the site. Yet amazingly a website now costs no more than it did 15 years ago. The initial price tag may sound like a lot but when you think how many extra placements a good site makes you it is a no-brainer of an investment.And then there’s LinkedIN which was founded 15 years ago. Now it is a global database of people in all industries everywhere. A constantly evolving supplier and competitor that is simply too big to compete with and at the same time is an invaluable resource that many recruiters struggle to leverage to it’s full potential (a hint – most firms don’t need the premium licences).Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have given recruiters new ways of identifying and reaching potential candidates and clients and are again a frontier in recruitment that are delivering handsomely for a minority of recruiters.The speed with which technology transforms our industry is only going to accelerate and recruitment firms that don’t embrace it will struggle to grow or even survive however, at its core recruitment remains a people business. It will always be about matching capabilities and desires with the need for skills. Recruitment consultants need to remember that this is where we add value and that the technology simply helps us do it more efficiently and better.Sometimes there is still no substitute for networking, for coffees, for phone calls and for meeting people in the real world. Alex Arnot is non-executive advisor to more than 25 recruitment companies and can be found at

NORA Recruitment Awards 2017

By Steve Riley   July 20, 2017  
NORA Awards Everyone likes a bit of industry recognition, so we thought you might want to know about the big one coming up - the National Online Recruitment Awards.Nominations opened this week and the shortlist is judged for an awards ceremony on 15 November.Categories There are numerous categories, so there's something for everyone. We're contacting you because we think your website is great, but you should decide if you think you're eligible for one or more category. Nomination is FREE.ENTER HERE »Let us know if there's anything else we can help with.All the best, The Reverse Delta team

Congratulations to our Three Peaks athletes!

By Dave Haygarth   September 29, 2015  
Dave on the first climb up to Ingleborough. Photo Steve FlemingAs some of our long-standing clients will know by now, Operations Director Dave Haygarth is something of a cycling nut.As obsessive about his bikes as he is about web development, there's one particular event that has consumed him for 20 years now — the Three Peaks cyclocross race in North Yorkshire.This weekend we're proud to say that not one but two of our staff completed the 'hardest cyclocross race in the world' when Dave was joined by new project manager Steve Riley. Well done guys!Cyclocross is an already niche sport but the Three Peaks is a niche within a niche, attracting only the truly dedicated (some would say the demented!).The race involves the famous Yorkshire summits of Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen-y-ghent bike.The race is a total of 38 miles (4 classed as unrideable, with some punishing carrying on steep and pathless slopes).The three hills add up to over 5000' of climbing and the whole event is a brutal challenge on both bike and body.Steve descending Whernside. Photo: Mick KenyonSteve described the day: "Whilst there was no fear of me troubling the leader board, I was proud to race the against the elite of cyclocross and fell running at the Three Peaks, together with a smattering of strong internationals and an ex World Cup mountain biker. The weather was perfect with cloudless skies — a real Indian Summer."Dave did really well coming just outside the top 30, I was happy to get round in just under 5 hours and a much more modest position! An utterly, utterly unique event."  PS Contrary to appearances, you don't have to have a beard to work at Reverse Delta!

Upgrades to our email alert services

By Dave Haygarth   August 20, 2015  
We know how critical email is to running your business, that's why we continually monitor performance and invest to improve services.A stable, reliable service is critical to daily operations, and as part of our ongoing service improvements, we've recently upgraded our infrastructure to give greater reliability and better delivery rates.Email job alerts are a huge source of traffic to our sites and typically most candidates sign up for them, so we know how important this is as a job marketing tool, and hopefully helping you make placements quicker.Each month our clients send half a million job email alerts through our recruitment websites. These emails have a 98.7% delivery success rate — outstanding for our sector (and bearing in mind we don't directly control client email setup). Benefits:Better load balancing on our web services when high email volumes are processing. Eliminating temporary server blacklisting from occasional rogue emails. Improved monitoring of delivery.Tip: Email referrals are one of the single largest traffic sources for client websites. More traffic can only be a good thing, so encourage candidates to register with you and stay up to date with vacancies. Turn job browsers into active job hunters.Technical: You can also add an 'SPF record' to make candidate emails less likely to be spam filtered. Let us know if you want advice on this....and finally It's been a busy summer so far for us, with plenty of new sites developed and continuing product development work to benefit clients. If there's anything we can help with, just get in touch by email, twitter, the support portal, phone ...whatever's easiest.That's all for now, thanks for reading and let us know if there's anything you need.

Reverse Delta forms an alliance with global cloud HR software provider, Meta4

By Dave Haygarth   July 28, 2015  
We are excited to announce our alliance with Meta4 - leading global HR software provider with customers including World Vision International, Inditex, Pepe Jeans, Mango and Securitas Direct.With this alliance, we are actively working with a number of Meta4 clients, implementing global multi-language career websites, seamlessly integrated with their corporate websites and with Meta4's PeopleNet software.An example career site can be seen at full press release follows:  Meta4 forms an alliance with Reverse Delta, an expert in career websites Through this alliance, Meta4 expands its specialized recruitment offer with a social media and mobile-enabled Career Site, FXRecruiter from the company, Reverse Delta. Madrid, 28 July, 2015. Meta4, a world-class leader for human and intellectual capital management (HICM) has just announced an alliance with Reverse Delta (, a company specializing in branded career sites on a digital recruitment platform. Through this agreement Meta4 has incorporated a powerful branded career site, FXRecruiter, into its HR solutions offer. FXRecruiter seamlessly integrates with both PeopleNet and customer corporate websites to offer candidates and recruiters an on-brand, effective and efficient recruitment process that helps attract and retain the best candidates at lower cost. Thanks to this add-on solution complementing the Meta4 HR software, companies—especially large ones—can easily create, personalize, update and publish their career sites to suit differing brands, locations or job types globally. FXRecruiter is integrated with social media and leading job aggregators, enabling customers to lower recruitment costs while delivering on their brand experience through the recruitment process. It gives so much more control to customers over their recruitment message. Likewise customers still retain the benefits of using the PeopleNet recruitment module so managers and recruiters do not need to learn how to use another system. The Alliances Director at Meta4, Pilar Gallo declared, “This strategic alliance is a sound step forward where we will reinforce our joint capabilities to deliver better solutions to our customers.  We have seen that employer brand, social media and mobile applications are very important to our customers. We believe this an upward trend which should be reflected in our evolving solutions to meet the changing customer needs. Through this alliance we are confident that together we can deliver powerful recruitment solutions that make a real difference for our customers’ ability to competitively attract and retain top talent.” “Meta4 is a very natural partner for Reverse Delta because we both have a strong customer-centric approach and our products complement each other very well. This alliance with Meta4 is stimulating us to create more global solutions to help our customers even better in an ever challenging and changing global recruitment marketplace,” adds Dave Bancroft, Managing Director, Reverse Delta.About Meta4 Meta4, with 1,300 clients in 100 countries, manages more than 18 million people worldwide through its software. Meta4 R&D&I centres in Europe and the Americas develop advanced applications to fully address both local and global needs for any company, regardless of size and complexity. Meta4 cloud solutions offer HR professionals state-of-the-art technology with the best possible user experience for managing the complete employee cycle, from payroll and personnel administration through to global talent management. These all-in-one solutions leverage cloud benefits to overcome all the challenges of all aspects of human capital management, while increasing business productivity and efficiencies. More information: meta4.comAbout Reverse Delta Reverse Delta is a software company specializing in branded career websites, recruitment sites and job boards. The company was established in London in 2002.  FXRecruiter is our flagship product and is distinguished in that from the very beginning it was designed to put customers and candidates first rather than the software getting in between our customer’s brand and their candidates.  Our team has been with us a long time as have most of our customers.  This is testament to our business model that is based on collaborating with our customers and building long term relationships with them.  We help our customers not only to implement our software but how to get the best out of it through social media channels, how to think about creating employer brand information and career site design. More information

Wanted: Rock Star

By Dave Haygarth   February 2, 2012  
We're growing and need someone to help us grow. With an ever growing list of clients, we're in the business of keeping happy, we need someone to help us do that. But not just anybody, we want a rock star (no musical experience necessary). To apply or find out more email and explain a little bit about why you are that person. Please attach a CV or link to your LinkedIn profile. Job Vacancy: Project support manager and account support manager, This is a role for a project manager and account manager, reporting to the Director of Operations and working with Senior Project Managers, Development Team and Support staff. This is a great role for a "people person" - one who is keen to progress into project and account management with a background in web development. The role might also suit a freelancer who is used to "doing everything" but wishes to focus on project or account management. This is a customer-facing role and is varied due to the small size of our business. You will need to frequently and persistently deal with clients and be a public face of the company. You can expect to be keeping in close contact with customers, reading and contributing to proposals, specifications, QA testing and meeting / phoning existing clients. You will see some projects through from inception to delivery, ensuring clear communication at all times between clients and designers, developers, copywriters and SEO consultants. You will be the ‘glue’ that keeps the projects together! You will manage existing accounts when clients raise support or maintenance requests, and will actively contact clients who are already ‘quiet’ and ensure that they are happy and catered for. Although this is not a ‘hands-on’ technical role, it will be to your advantage if you have a background or hands-on understanding of developing websites using any of the following:HTML CSS PHP SQL Javascript mySQL WordPressOther skills we are looking for experience in are:SEO PPC CMS platforms – e.g. Joomla, Drupal e-Commerce platforms – e.g. Magento, osCommerce, XCart, CubeCartExperience of the following sectors is a bonus:Recruitment E-commerce / RetailQualifications and skills Primarily, you need to be a good communicator who understands when it’s appropriate to use email / phone / face-to-face contact A degree is an advantage but not a necessity – good experience is considered more relevant. About Us An established 10 year old web development business with clients in recruitment, online dating, e-commerce/retail sectors as well as a broad base of businesses in various other sectors.  Read more here See our portfolio here to get an idea of our range of clients We provide web design, web application development and search engine marketing services to small businesses. We use open source technology where it fits, and also have our own recruitment CMS product FXRecruiter (see We pride ourselves on a friendly ‘can-do’ attitude, often going the extra mile to create and keep happy clients. The culture is informal as would be expected of a small business, yet rewarding as you will be a key member of the team and share in the financial success of the company in the form of performance and profit-related bonuses and share option schemes. Location You will work from home, but ideally be based within an hour’s travel of Manchester. Travel The job will require some rare work on client sites or at our offices in London or Manchester. Any travel expenses to clients will be paid for by us.  Any travel to our office will be paid for by you. Equipment You will need to provide the following at your own cost:Telephone Broadband Internet Connection PC with Windows XP, Vista or 7, or a reliable modern Mac Microsoft Office Professional Web Development Tools of your own choosing or the ability to install themThe following will be providedMobile phone and basic contractPackageA competitive salary will be offered based on your experience and qualifications.  Salary is depending on who you are and what your best skills are and how they can help us grow sustainably. Commission is paid on new clients you can bring to the company. Performance and profit-related bonuses are also paid. Salary package will be reviewed annuallyTerms of EmploymentFlexible Working.  No fixed hours, but core hours are 10am to 5pm. Expectation of 42 hours per week. 6 months probation period during which time 1 week notice is given by either party. After 6 months, 1 month's notice by either party. After 1 year, 3 months' notice by either party. 20 days holiday + 1 day for every year up to max of 26 days. No pension is provided - you will need to make your own arrangements.Reverse Delta Terms & Privacy Policy Reverse Delta is committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy & Electronic communications regulations 2003. Reverse Delta collects, uses and disseminates the personal information you provide to us only in accordance with the policies and procedures outlined in this section. If Reverse Delta transfers your personal information to authorised third parties, Reverse Delta will ensure that the recipient applies the same levels of protection, as Reverse Delta is required to apply to your personal information under United Kingdom data protection legislation. By accessing the website and registering information or sending in your CV to Reverse Delta, you consent to Reverse Delta collecting and processing personal information in the manner set out in the Terms and the Privacy Policy. Information Collection and Use Reverse Delta is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others in ways that differ from that disclosed in this statement. Disclosure of your Information to Others Reverse Delta uses your information internally, and does not disclose your personal information to third parties, except as set forth in the following points. 1. We may disclose such information to companies and individuals we employ to perform functions on our behalf. These individuals will have access to your personal information as necessary to perform their functions, but they may not share that information with any other third party. 2. We may disclose such information if legally required do so to: (a) conform to legal requirements or comply with legal process; (b) protect the rights or property of Reverse Delta. Data Protection Act (1998) Reverse Delta web site allows you to submit your CV to Reverse Delta either with your Registration details or directly by email. Your CV will be stored on Reverse Delta internal computer systems. Once Reverse Delta has obtained your CV, Reverse Delta will enter information contained in your CV to create a record about you on our internal computer system. Reverse Delta may add to the information obtained from your CV with written or verbal information taken directly from you. The only information that will be added to the record about you on Reverse Delta internal computer system will be information that is considered necessary or helpful and is intended to assist in the recruitment process. We will not send your CV to organisations with vacancies for which you may be appropriate, without your express consent. If you wish to request the removal of personal information from Reverse Delta database, please contact the Database Administrator at Accessing the Information that Reverse Delta collects You have the right to request a copy of the information held by Reverse Delta about you in its records in return for the payment of a small fee (up to £10). If the data Reverse Delta has is inaccurate, you may have such data corrected or erased. All requests for copies of information should be sent to Database Manager at Security Reverse Delta takes every precaution to protect your information. Access to your personal information, is restricted within Reverse Delta. Only employees who require information to perform a specific job may be granted access to this information. The servers on which Reverse Delta store personally identifiable information are kept in a secure environment. 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