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April Fools search engine round up

By Dave Haygarth   April 2, 2007  
All fools day is turning into a bit of an international fun day for the search engines and surrounded industries. Our favourite from this year's was Gmail paper - "Now in Gmail, you can request a physical copy of any message with the click of a button, and we’ll send it to you in the mail" See plenty more in this handy round up.

RD Environmental Audit

By Dave Haygarth   March 1, 2007  
We're in the early stages of having an environmental audit carried out. Ever since Reverse Delta started up, we've wanted to be a responsible company and minimise our environmental impact. It's easy to talk the talk, to buy into carbon offset schemes, etc., but without this audit, we won't know where we are now, and how we might be able to improve things. We already pride ourselves on not buying into dedicated office space and encouraging home working, but watch this space to find out how the audit goes and how we're planning on making Reverse Delta a green beacon !

The Google Gap

By Dave Haygarth   February 27, 2007  
When trying to get the best results in search engine rankings, it's important to remember just where people are currently searching. The Search Marketing Blog draws on some information in this article to say that Google accounts for 80% of all searches performed in the UK. They may not continue to keep that market share, though. Windows Vista's rollout this month means that a great deal of default searches from new PCs will be at - Windows'  own search site.

Loads of SEO work coming up

By Dave Haygarth   January 10, 2007  
Everyone seems to be going search engine marketing crazy this year! Building on some great results over the past few years, Reverse Delta will be helping a number of our recruitment company and online shop clients get those all important top positions in the search engine results. Everything we do is focused around getting more business for our clients, so we have invested time in our skillset and some great tools so we will be able to really focus on Search Engine Optimisation in 2007.