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What is domain squatting or cybersquatting? Domain squatting / cybersquatting is where someone registers domains a domain that are closely related to a trademark or brand, with the intention...

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I try to avoid just reblogging others’ content but draw the line when: I really know that my readers are not likely to see it elsewhere I know that...

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By: Dave Haygarth On: June 13, 2018 In: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Comments: 0

We so often get asked and we so often say ‘what’s right today may not be right tomorrow’.  SEO still has its golden set of rules (We’ve been saying...

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By: Dave Haygarth On: December 13, 2017 In: Uncategorised Comments: 3

If you’re a fan of referral systems, you’d better enjoy the heck out of them over this winter and early spring. As you’re probably learning more about GDPR for...

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As Mashable put it here, “The fear of a job recruiter stalking your Facebook account just got shook up.” Facebook is now planning on letting people post jobs and...

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Been a busy January here at RDHQ and a particularly busy end. Two or three very nice sites have gone LIVE in the last few days and that’s always a satisfying water...

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They predicted 2016 a long time ago and in October 2016, it happened. 51.3% mobile and tablet browsing and the desktop’s at 48.7%.  No surprises, really. Not if, but...

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By: Dave Haygarth On: October 31, 2016 In: Reverse Delta's Blog, Social Networking Comments: 0

As grim things go, the slow demise of Twitterfeed isn’t quite horror-movie proportions, but it’s a sad and dark tale for the many people out there who have relied...

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