Measure, measure, measure!

Google Analytics, Google for Jobs, FXRecruiter Dashboard, Search Console

Our parent organization Recruitics is big on measurement. Very big – the company name actually comes from RECRUITment AnalytICS. We’re a mix of seasoned recruitment marketing experts, employer brand masters, numbers nerds, search pros, and social media mavens ready to deliver against your goals.

Here at Reverse Delta, we’ve always kept a close eye on the numbers tracking our recruitment website activity – clicks, jobs, applications, etc.

Behind the scenes of your website there are a number of recording and diagnostic activities recording data. They do subtly different things, so we’ll try to explain the difference in very broad terms below.

FXRecruiter dashboard

We display summary statistics on our CMS dashboard when you log in to the admin system. These statistics capture site ‘transactions’ rather than raw site visits – jobs, candidates, applications, job alert subscribers, etc. Here you can quickly see the number of jobs posted and applications received that day, week or month, together with other summary snapshot data.

Even if you process all your job postings and applications through an integrated third-party ATS or CRM, it’s worth logging into your CMS dashboard to get a snapshot of site activity.

Google analytics

We will generally add analytics code to your site at the time of going live. For site rebuilds, where our site replaces an existing site we normally copy the existing code across from the previous site. This gives you continuity and shows the history between the two sites.

The Google Analytics data give you an indication of raw site visits. The stats are not infallible, eg they also record ‘bot’ traffic like visits from Google itself to list the site. But the general trends recorded are always very useful. You may not need to closely monitor analytics as a fledgling business but they can be used in the future as you grow. For example to measure the success of a particular marketing campaign, so it’s always useful to have. If you employ the services of a specialist SEO agency (we have the bases covered and have written about this a lot, but some clients like a deeper dive) they will need analytics to demonstrate their effectiveness.

We generally ask you to ‘own’ the analytics account and add us as administrators. This avoids any issues down the line with future control of the account.

Google for jobs

This one is not about measurement per se but another from the ‘Google-sphere’, so worth a mention. All of our Version 6 (SaaS) and above sites are coded for the ‘Google for Jobs’ data schema – a way of structuring the jobs data that makes it easy for Google to work out and display the job details – job title, location, salary, etc. This helps with listing and also means that people can come directly to your site to apply for the job. All part of the service.

Google search console

We add the site to Google Search Console as part of our Go Live checklist. This is a prompt to Google to say ‘list me please’. It’s not a guarantee of immediate listing but basically announces ‘there’s something new here, come and crawl the site again’. Google generally wants to provide the most up to date information, so the submission of the new XML sitemap should start the process. The search console process also gives us an insight into many of the minor issues  improvements suggested to enhance an effective listing, so we can often fine tune things before you’re even aware.

Each of these types of data can become a niche area of expertise in itself but you should be confident we have the basics covered for you and you have access to summary performance data.


Understanding your data is the first step to empowerment. Get to know your site’s performance and only then will you truly be able to understand how to take it to the next level.

Our recruitment marketing and job site knowledge is always available. Get in touch with us today to get your recruitment technology up to date and let it make the most of your work to recruit. Call 08000 199 737 or contact us here.