Improving your speed to hire

Improving your speed to hire is critical in a candidate-driven market.

Nobody benefits from a long, drawn-out hiring process that takes months and months. It costs more for the client. A slow speed to hire causes anxiety for the candidate (during which time they may find another position). And it’s not suitable for the recruiter, who comes off looking indecisive.

There are, realistically, only a handful of roles out there in which you’ll want to take your time hiring — but these are few and far between. The recruitment agency that can employ quickly can choose to slow down if the client wishes, whilst the recruitment business that takes time to hire can’t suddenly go any faster than they’re already going.


Why speed to hire matters

The hope is that the economy will swiftly rebound in the latter part of the year as COVID restrictions ease and the vaccine drive increases. July has already seen a record of weekly available job postings. In the coming months, employers will look for recruiters who can rely on agencies with a proven track record of delivering quality results within strict deadlines. Employers will be looking for recruiters who can give them a competitive advantage.

Any recruitment agency should aim to hasten their speed to hire process. Creating a hiring process that is swift and easily accessible will pay benefits. At the same time, building a large talent pool will attract clients aware of your industry knowledge and hoping to tap into it to find the right candidate to help them grow. In short, being able to place candidates quickly is an essential component of the recruitment industry.


Five tips to improve speed to hire

  • Make it as simple as possible for candidates to apply for jobs on your site:

Which candidate wants to spend another half-hour filling out the same information (that’s available on their CV) form-by-form on your site when simply uploading a CV is enough?

  • Use easy-apply options such as Apply with LinkedIn and Apply with Indeed:

As above, making it as simple as possible for a candidate to apply makes their lives easier and helps your talent pool grow. Struggling with the tech side of things? Our FXRecruiter software is here to help.

  • Include register for job notifications on your recruitment website and nudge your job seekers along the process:

Job notifications act as a lead capture that provides easy-to-reach contact information on job seekers. If they fit the bill for a new position that they’re ideally suited to, they can contact you immediately, putting them straight in the running for the new post and helping you retain a hard-won potential candidate.

  • Highlight pay and benefits at the top of job descriptions:

Candidates are attracted to good jobs, with good salaries and good benefits. It might sound glaringly obvious, but if you have clients willing to provide a great place to work, then that client will also be in a prime position to find great candidates. Highlighting those benefits at the very start benefits everybody (and it also stops overqualified candidates applying, unaware that the job is unable to pay them what they’re looking for).

  • Time-saving automation with integrations

Reduce consultants manual tasks with integrations between your CRM, ATS or Multiposter and your recruitment website software. Have you thought about integrations with other parts of your tech ecosystem (or tech stack) that can connect to improve automation, such as email automation or chatbots? We can integrate with any partner or provider as long as they have an API.

Speed to hire process — your crucial tool for this Autumn!