Have candidates? Struggling to get clients?

Mid-week I spoke with a recruiter who had plenty of candidates but was struggling to find clients. In the current market this was an unusual conversation, but one that ended up being a fruitful discussion.

The customer spoke of doing all the right things but the response so far was poor.

We reviewed their current recruitment website together. The website was a number of years old and had not been updated whilst their business had grown substantially in recent years, including a few acquisitions. As a business, they had established that their current website didn’t convert clients.

This article is about how Reverse Delta aims to add value to your content and design for your bespoke custom-designed recruitment website.

Adding value beyond technology and design

We know that your recruitment website needs to be as unique as your business. That’s why our consultative and proactive approach combines industry-leading tech with the flexibility to build you a website that exactly fits your business – not one that constrains your business with a one-size-fits-all solution.

What’s more, we know you’re looking for more than just technical and design expertise – you need a trusted partner that provides great aftercare and customer service, that shares valuable insights with you and brings you ongoing innovation to keep your business ahead of your competition.

    • In building your employer brand we aim to develop a strong compelling narrative or theme about your business. Our team has a great deal of experience assisting with this.
    • Positioning you as trusted partners in the field of talent acquisition for your specific sector(s) or industry is key to building trust.
    • We aim to pull out your story, history and expertise and present that to your prospective clients to convert client leads for your business.
    • We recommend a strategic content plan, expanding your theme and resulting in engaging, meaningful content (especially videos).
    • We will discuss your strategic content plan in-depth with you and are always available to offer creative services such as copywriting, brochures, white papers and blogs. Our advanced Content Management System (CMS) enables all of this across pages and posts.
    • Meaningful, engaging content is crucial – that demonstrates deep sector knowledge and shows an understanding of current client-focused issues
    • PDFs are good (people like to download and keep) but should always replicate hosted content, not be instead of.
    • Clear engaging client-focused calls-to-action and contact forms on all client pages all encourage contact.
    • Up-to-date, meaningful content is key. Our blogging technology allows case studies and recent placements to be easily managed as blog categories and presented anywhere on the website to complement related content or jobs.
    • Use of gated content and lead magnets that add value for clients in exchange for contact details.
    • Close consultation with your team.
    • Deliverable website specification and design brief

Our experienced team aims to add value by working with you to showcase the experience you provide for candidates and clients that sets you apart from your competitors. And this is what your website should bring to life to attract, engage and convert prospective clients.

Generate client leads for the business

Our recruitment platform FXRecruiter helps convert clients with great features outlined below:

    • Contact forms – recommend placing on all client pages
    • Meet the Team pages – recommend video profiles
    • Advanced blog and content marketing
    • Gated content – to generate lead magnets
    • RPO / Client microsites – recommend dedicating to your best clients
    • Candidate Board – showcase your talent to your clients behind gated sign-in

Creative strategy and content plan

We offer enhanced creative strategy and content plans. Including

    • Discovery meetings with senior personnel
    • Discovery workshops with a selection of your team 
    • Creative strategy reports
    • Client and candidate experience definition
    • Website content plan

As well as providing the foundation for genuine, meaningful content, clients have said they’ve found the process of discovery activities and creative strategy in itself to be of real benefit and value to their business.

Make contact today with one of our experts to discuss your challenges and learn more about meaningful content – reversedelta.com/contact  or call 08000 199737.