We wanted to focus this blog on a huge issue that’s impacting many of our recruitment clients and that’s – recruiting. You’d think that filling your own internal vacancies would be easy if you’re recruiting all day, but actually it’s a huge challenge. This is a great blog post from Centred Excellence about the importance of having the right mix of skills in your recruitment agency. There’s no doubt, the right people in your business will be the key to success, but how do you find them?

We think that many recruiters are missing a trick – they’re not offering the same service to their own agency that they are offering to their clients. Let me explain.

Many recruiters have a brilliant website to showcase the roles that they’re filling – we’ve designed quite a lot in the last 18 years – you can check them out here.

However, what they aren’t able to do is showcase their own roles very well because the site’s main focus is to act as a business development tool for attracting new clients and to convert job-seekers into registering with your agency. Take a look at your website and take a look at how you attract job-seekers to your agency. 

Perhaps you have a page called ‘Careers’ or ‘Work with us.’ This is a good step, but is the page as enticing to prospective consultants as it could be? It is possibly one of the ‘standard’ pages on your site that you rarely update – with just a form or email address to register your interest?

We’ve listed some improvements – can you make any changes?

  • Talk about the great things that your recruitment agency does, awards, career progression and development?
  • Who would the prospective consultant work with every day? Share some photographs or videos of the team.
  • What does a day at your agency look like? As a consultant, what can they expect day-to-day?
  • Overall, why would a career as a recruitment consultant be a great move for somebody? And why should a quality consultant make the move to your agency over one of your competitors?

Whilst there are surely some changes you can make to your Careers page (and this is the best option if budgets are tight), the main drawback with this approach is that your main recruitment website will be built so that your keywords are optimised. If you recruit for people to work in the Logistics industry, for example, your website will be built so that words related to Logistics will perform well on Google, such as driver, courier, warehouse etc. However, those keywords won’t be relevant to people who are searching for a role as a recruitment consultant. Therefore, if people are searching for roles as recruitment consultants, your site won’t be found because it’s set to perform for different keywords and search terms.

Here’s a couple of options for you to consider:


  • Use the campaign landing page functionality


Using our FXRecruiter software you can quickly create content-rich landing pages that perform brilliantly in Google. The main benefits are that you can advertise your own in-house roles for no cost and share easily on social media! 

Below are three examples:

  • https://www.mcgregor-boyall.com/work-for-us
    • Work for us statement
    • We are McGregor Boyall and testimonials
    • Link to Glassdoor so see what current and previous employees think of working with McGregor Boyall
    • Link to Instagram for historic images of working and events at McGregor Boyall
    • Internal vacancies listed with Apply Now and Apply with LinkedIn
  • https://www.jmc-legal.com/work-for-jmc
    • Launch your career and work for JMC by providing your details and upload cv
    • A carousel of short articles by consultants who work for JMC and why they enjoy working for the business
    • A video message from Jason (CEO)
    • Collage of images  showing events throughout the year
    • A picture of the whole team
  • https://www.martinveasey.com/pages/work-for-us
    • Careers at Martin Veasey explained
    • What Martin Veasey are looking for to recruit
    • A list of roles currently recruiting for
    • Contact details

Landing pages are designed to attract more of your target candidates, using target niche keywords for searches. You can use your existing website to make things easy for potential job hunters so that they get to know what life is like at your recruitment agency.

  • Build your own standalone career website

From an SEO perspective, this is the best option. 

You can structure your website so that your keywords really target the consultants for the industry you work in. This is what one of our clients, McGregor Boyall did. They identified a need to improve their ability to recruit quality consultants, so developed a career portal specifically to engage potential recruiters looking for a new role (or to start a career as a consultant).

A dedicated career site isn’t just an option for the big recruiters. It’s a very viable option for recruiters of all sizes.  If you want to up your recruiting game for your own recruitment agency, get in touch to see how an FXRecruiter website has brilliant in-built functionality to support you to overcome one of your agency’s biggest recruitment challenges!

If you are interested in finding out more about our services at Reverse Delta or our digital recruitment platform FXRecruiter, then give us a call on 08000 199737 or email sales@reversedelta.com

Peter Morrow is Commercial Director for Reverse Delta. Follow Peter on LinkedIn or email peter.morrow@reversedelta.com.

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