Recession-proof your recruitment business

With a general election looming and further uncertainty relating to Brexit, there’s no doubt that the recruitment sector is facing a tough challenge as we head into 2020.  If we are due a recession, as experts predict, then every business needs to make sure they’ve got a robust strategy in place to make sure their business survives. Since Reverse Delta started in 2002, we’ve survived the worst recession in UK history and I hope that we can help our clients and the recruitment sector in general to survive should it happen again.  

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s Making Great Work Happen manifesto mentions a number of key points which I feel will help the recruitment industry, in general, to support their clients during an economic downturn:

  • Protecting both flexible workers and businesses
  • Brilliant recruitment strategies will only help to drive productivity and growth
  • The government needs to make sure businesses have an environment to help them thrive
  • We need to think differently about the future of jobs.

Brexit-proof your business

Although Brexit critics cannot predict the impact a leave or remain situation would have on the economy, I think that it is important for businesses to see how it will affect your staff or the availability of candidates.  Work out the likely scenarios and adapt your business model accordingly. There may be some tech solutions available to help you gain access to a candidate pool that you now cannot access because of Brexit, for example.  

If you are a recruitment agency that recruits a lot of EU nationals, it would serve you well to make sure your team knows the details of the EU Settlement Scheme.  Helping candidates to stay in the UK if they are eligible will help set you apart from your competitors. 

Brilliant recruitment strategies to drive growth

If your temporary staff are lacking in confidence because of the uncertainty in the economy, think about ways to work with clients to provide a temporary workforce with some much-needed job security. Signing temporary workers up for a fixed period (but not permanent) could help you to recruit for some much-needed skills to help your business, without permanently increasing your headcount. 

Giving more serious consideration to flexible working could be a great strategy to help you get brilliant candidates for your clients, without increasing their staffing bill considerably. Many recruitment agencies want to focus on filling permanent roles, but perhaps there is an increasing number of highly skilled workers who need employers that can offer flexibility? And by offering flexible working, a company might be able to get a higher-skilled person to fill a role for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee, so there are still lots of positives for both recruitment agencies AND the client.  Making sure job-seekers are aware of the flexibilities offered could be a great benefit so make sure it’s really clear on your website so that you’re taking candidates to the roles that they WANT to apply for. A great user-journey will be key here.

Attract and retain the best talent.

Given how people search for roles these days, it’s important to make sure that a client’s website accurately reflects their business. It needs to get the personality of their business across and what they stand for as an organisation. Although in a recession, job-seekers are less likely to refuse a job, it’s important that you get the right people into your client’s business – more than ever you’ll need to find people with the right skills and attitude to see your clients through tricky times. After seeing a job on your recruitment agency’s website, the client’s website and social media will be a key part of their consideration during the recruitment process. Advise your clients to make sure their website and social media showcase them as an employer. If their website isn’t designed to attract talent into their business, they could consider a bespoke recruitment micro-site specifically for recruitment.  

To find out how technology solutions and improved user experience through your website can help to recession-proof your recruitment business, contact me via email: or connect on LinkedIn.

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