Driving business growth through digital transformation

It’s Global Entrepreneurs Week so we wanted to feature some of Reverse Delta’s long-standing clients who are both great entrepreneurs in the recruitment sector.

Take a read to see how two successful recruitment agencies, Workforce and Ascendant Recruitment have utilised technology to transform their businesses.


Nick Peacock, Managing Director of Ascendant Recruitment

Reverse Delta built Ascendant Recruitment‘s first website on Reverse Delta’s FXRecruiter platform shortly after they launched in 2003. We’ve seen several iterations of the site over the last 15 years as the way people search for jobs has evolved.

Founder of Ascendant Recruitment Nick Peacock has grown his business considerably since the early days. He now employs a team of 20 with an office in Milton Keynes and in Northampton. 

Nick says: “Our website is fundamental to our candidate engagement strategy. How we advertise roles has changed over the years and we can’t rely rely on hugely expensive job boards to deliver the results we need. Last year, Reverse Delta’s SEO audit identified an opportunity to break out our jobs database so that our candidates could search for roles across our Milton Keynes office and our Northampton office. By doing this, we improved our visibility on Google organically (without spending any money on paid advertising).  We also made job-searching easier for our candidates, who want a quick and seamless application process that they can do from their mobile phone.”

“I was pleased that the FXRecruiter platform allowed us to implement these improvements to our searchability without needing to develop a new website. This, plus our social media strategy, has helped to drive candidates to the website and led to a 106% increase in applications. We have also seen a 59% increase in new candidate registrations. I strongly believe that the right technology platforms will help you to streamline your processes and allow you to build a successful recruitment business.”

Find out more about Ascendant Recruitment at www.ascendantrecruitment.co.uk


Paul Alekna, Chief Executive of Workforce Staffing

Paul Alekna founded Workforce back in 2003 with brother Joe. Paul’s previous career in IT and his passion for technology has had a huge influence on Workforce’s business strategy. Workforce has invested heavily in platforms to help them streamline both their operations and their clients. 

Paul Alekna said: “As a recruiter placing hundreds of people in roles every day, we need slick, robust systems that give our clients a real-time view of their staffing. This could include applications in process or understanding who is working for them that day. Workforce adds value to the recruitment process by offering additional services such as screening and vetting, management information reporting or through our customer portal. These are all ways in which we provide transparency for our clients and help to get staff registered, verified and ready for work as quickly as possible.

Our website is another example of how we have embraced technology to provide a great user experience. We have seven different websites with Reverse Delta – six are dedicated websites for each of our sectors (manufacturing, food, office, logistics, driving and professional) plus an employers website.

Having bespoke websites is good for Google as the site is very specific to the search terms. For example, all of our search terms on our Driving website  point to driving jobs, so our performance on Google is much stronger now.  Our candidates also find searching for roles easier and it gives us a stronger message when we go out to meet our clients. 

Although we have seven websites with Reverse Delta, the flexibility of the FXRecruiter platform allows us to have multiple websites for each of the sectors we recruit to. We can run them all from one back end [CMS or Content Management System] which makes it easier to manage and cheaper than having several separate websites. 


If you want to talk to one of the Reverse Delta experts about how digital transformation can revolutionise talent acquisition, contact our team at sales@reversedelta.com or call on 08000 199737 and we can talk you through the options available.