In this article I aim to explain the importance of content for SEO so you can get it working for you and your business.

Most recently we introduced you to the importance of Content, here we go further…

People look for their content – not your content.

If you grasp this, then you grasp how important SEO is. SEO is about ensuring that your content finds the right people looking for that content. It’s not about attracting the most amount of visits per se. Ten million visits is impressive, but if only 1 job seeker applies for a job, then the excess was a wasted effort. It’s about connecting the right audience to your content through what they search. Success is 10 job seekers visiting your site today and all 10 apply as they have the relevant skills and experience for the jobs they found.

Talk to any SEO consultant and they will tell you that the mantra is “content is king”. There is a good, logical explanation for this; the search engines are there to help their users find what they’re looking for, and so they ‘crawl’ the web, indexing what they see to be the content of your site. If you have content rife with the words that people are searching for, then the search engines think your page is important to their search, so it ‘ranks’ higher.

At this point we need to raise the issue of conflict of similar pages. If you create many similar pages (identical or practically identical with one word different) each with a separate URL, then the search engines will have a conflict of which page is more important and will rank those pages lower, potentially pulling your website ranking down too. Example below

A retailer creates 4 pages called:

  • Shoes
  • Men’s Shoes
  • Women’s Shoes
  • Kid’s Shoes

Unless connected properly, each page could cannibalise each others search engine’s ranking.

Using keywords and key phrases in strategic ways helps you to gain and to retain these rankings. They’re not an issue that you can tag onto your website – those keywords and key phrases must under-pin your content and site structure. We’ll come on to that a bit later, but first, let’s remember some of those all-important rules about writing good, sensible English!

Next article we’ll talk more about keywords

If all of this sounds too complicated or time consuming, we work closely with Distinctly, an SEO agency with considerable experience in the recruitment sector.

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