Facebook job posting

As Mashable put it here,

“The fear of a job recruiter stalking your Facebook account just got shook up.”

Facebook is now planning on letting people post jobs and target them to a huge audience very easily.

The vast gaps between the social networks LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook when it comes to audience types and audience engagement can never be taken for granted.  As LinkedIn seeks to move slightly toward the more gutteral middle ground with trending stories and a much more timeliney feel, Facebook step into the hiring sphere, as many had predicted.   We’re moving into that place where you share pictures of your dinner AND add a smiley to a video of a kitten falling off a table AND now go job hunting.

Sure… it’s a long way until these take hold.  But when powered by Facebook’s huge marketing engine and market stake, it’s too early for us just to ignore it.

Only in the USA at present, but we’ll be watching this space closely. So should you.