By: Dave Haygarth On: February 03, 2017 In: General news, Uncategorised, Website Design Comments: 0

Been a busy January here at RDHQ and a particularly busy end. Two or three very nice sites have gone LIVE in the last few days and that’s always a satisfying water shed. Each one with a different designer too – keeping our design portfolio fresh and avoiding that ‘samey’ look that some of our less passionate competitors seem to end up with.

There’s sadly more ‘skyline’ photos though on so many sites. We obviously give content-management to all our clients and need to listen to their wants, but it saddens me a little that people seem to put a city skyline photo on their site as soon as they’re let loose on a content-management system.  Opinion, I know. They seem so dull and unimaginative to me. I know that our designers and my colleagues alike would happily never see a stock photo of a city skyline again.

Anyway – check out the latest here in our design portfolio and just imagine what they might look like without a city skyline….

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