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As we start to pull the shutters down on 2016 we’d like to say a very big THANKS! (And if you can’t be at least a little bit cheesy at this time of year, when can you?)

Thanks to our clients, partners, suppliers, associates, and the army of geeks, designers, writers, managers and all the other multi-talented portfolio of skills and services that make up a modern, connected world. If you look back to where we started almost 15 years ago, some of what’s possible now would be dismissed as pure alchemy and dreams. The ‘blue sky’ is increasingly routine.

It’s been a busy 2016 here at Reverse Delta and 2017 is already shaping up to a flying start, with several new sites revving up to go live. We’re all busy, you’re all busy. Sometimes we forget what we’re here for, so we just wanted a moment to thank all the amazing people we’ve worked with in recent years.

Ours is a techy business and it’s easy to see everyday working life as a series of problems and headaches. But heck, if it were easy someone else would probably be doing it just as well, or better, or cheaper!

It’s worth a moment however, to focus on solutions. When we deliver a site we know it’s going to work well and that goes from the basic right through to the full custom. What that means in turn is that our clients look better and deliver a better service to their own clients. And (here’s the cheese again) in a lot of cases it can lead to truly life-changing transformations. In recruitment, our software has processed millions of job alerts, hundreds of thousands of job applications and countless job changes in the past year alone. It’s big stuff when you think of it like that. It’s nice to play a part.


Here’s to the next 15 years!


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