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Our operations director Dave Haygarth is undergoing a bit of a tough challenge this month. In support of the M3 Project – Dave started off yesterday (1st December) by running a mile. No big deal, I guess, for many people. But today he will run two miles, then three miles on the 3rd December, up to a rather leg-pounding 16 miles on the 16th December, before going back down to 15, 14, 13, etc – running 7 miles on Christmas day and reducing day by day until a final single mile on the 31st. In total, the 256 miles will no doubt take its toll, but in particular, that middle 7 day section will include 99 miles of running.

For over twelve years, the M3 Project has been providing housing related support to young people aged 16 -25. They support single young homeless in supported lodgings and homeless teenage families – be they single parents or couples. They’re close to Dave and to us all here at Reverse Delta, as a long-standing client. We will be supporting the M3 Project by donating to this cause instead of printing and posting Christmas Cards.

You can read more day-to-day on Dave’s progress here on a micro-blog and more on the challenge here on the M3 Website. Both of those pages contain links, if you would consider making a donation – every penny is appreciated, of course.

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