Month: February 2016


Two thirds of you have out of date browsers

By Steve Riley   February 24, 2016  
According to the latest figures from Microsoft a staggering 2/3 of all computers are running out of date browsers.That means you're not getting the latest security patches and you're at risk of not seeing the layout exactly the way the designer intended.Purely self-interestedly, it would also make our job at Reverse Delta massively easier if we knew everyone had up-to-date browsers! We spend a lot of time dealing with the quirks of all the different browsers and making sure everything is backward compatible (if half of that problem just disappeared, we could all take longer lunches and keep more of our hair!).Naturally Microsoft would like you to install their latest browser (which admittedly is very good) but do yourself a favour and make sure you're using the latest version of your browser of choice. Useful resources: Mozilla FirefoxInternet ExplorerApple SafariGoogle Chrome Graphic courtesy of Microsoft -  

Great blog post on designing for mobile

By Dave Haygarth   February 12, 2016  
We just wanted to share this insightful post from elsewhere on designing for a great mobile experience: "Fifteen years ago, undergoing a website redesign was a much more straightforward endeavor — you simply decided how your desktop experience would look, organized your content accordingly and built out the website. Unbelievably, some websites still lack a true mobile experience, whether that’s a separate website redesign altogether or a well-planned responsive design." >> Read the rest of the piece hereIt's only a short read, but here are a few key points:Make it responsive Simplify What works on desktop doesn’t always work on mobile Don't fear the scroll bar Test, and test again...take mobile seriously - don't simply show a stripped down desktop version.It's a message that rings true here at Reverse Delta, where we've been banging the drum for responsive design and careful mobile layout for years now.In the recruitment sector we're now seeing over 50% of activity coming from some form of mobile or tablet device, so they're not users you can afford to ignore.