Month: December 2015


Why you should care about SEO …but not stress too much

By Steve Riley   December 1, 2015  
We get asked a lot about SEO by clients — it's right they care. We care about SEO and work hard to make sure our our clients' sites get the best ranking they can.You should be optimistic about your site's prospects — FXRecruiter sites tend to rank well because:The nature of your business puts you at an immediate advantage with a steady stream of keyword-rich, frequently updated content — JOBS! FXRecruiter naturally ranks well as a good 'web citizen' — sites are built with a structure and content that makes things easy for the search engines.Sometimes clients are approached by agencies promising great things (the SEO industry has had a patchy reputation and we've come across a whole range of abilities).SEO agencies can sometimes focus on tweaks and changes 'under the hood' to the code and structure of a site. Search engines are getting less and less interested in these technical aspects (eg Google pays next to no attention to 'meta' tags these days). What really counts is high quality, fresh, interesting content and we believe this should be your focus.As Ops Director Dave Haygarth wrote recently on our blog: "Nothing’s really changed as far as you and I are concerned…create good content and ensure your site supports it well in its structure market it well don’t try and cook the books have confidence in Google to get it right. Google’s reputation depends on getting it right. It will keep trying. have realistic expectations and goals (can/should you really be on the first page for 34 million results?) monitor and understand what traffic actually converts."More from Dave's blog: Search Engine Ranking factors 2015 — click through rates becoming importantTakeaway messages:SEO is important, but you're probably doing pretty well already. Keep marketing yourself. Great job descriptions generate the most relevant visitors — make sure your team know this. Read more.If there's anything we can help with, just get in touch by email, twitter, the support portal, phone ...whatever's easiest. That's all for now, thanks for reading.