Why recruitment is all about the mobile

Why the future is mobileThe world is heading mobile and the recruitment industry is probably travelling faster in that direction than many others.

Our stats show that close to 50% of website visitors are using mobile devices (iPhones, iPad, Android smartphones, etc) to browse recruitment websites, and the trend is upward.

We recently analysed around 100,000 emails generated from recruitment sites (job alerts, ‘positions you may be interested in’, etc) and saw that those figures were even higher. As an interesting aside job hunters seem to be increasingly wedded to their Apple devices, with IOS taking the lion’s share of operating system use.

Think about it for a moment: job hunters need to be discreet and responsive — they’re bound to be avoiding corporate networks. But it looks like they’re increasingly reliant on mobile devices outside of work too.

The lesson for us all is: ignore these users at your peril. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Think about the devices your users are reading emails on. Design accordingly.