Make a New Year’s Resolution you can actually keep! 

As we saw in the last blog update, your website is never truly finished. You need to keep on top of your website and keep feeding it interesting new content, both for your readers and for the search engines.

Broadcasting on many channels

Broadcast on many channelsIf you’ve embraced social media, you can create a virtuous circle by reusing or linking the same content in different ways — your core website, your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, email marketing, etc, etc.

So what can you do?

Work at keeping your content fresh

Search engine optimisation is not about gaming the system with clever tricks, it’s about a steady drip of interesting content. If you’re interesting to people, you’re more interesting to the spiders. Adding regular point of view content to your site — eg blog updates — helps position you as useful experts in your field and distinguishes you from the competition.

Use a tool

Use one of the growing number of tools that measure how you’re doing and how that changes over time. Some examples:

  1. Woorank ( This tool gives you a snapshot of how well your site is doing for SEO, mobile, usability, technologies, social and traffic.
  2. Clarity Grader ( This tool focuses on the language and clarity of the words on you site — overuse of passive language, complex sentences and other measures. You need to register but there’s a free trial. WordPress users can use a plug-in to do a very similar thing.
  3. W3C Validator ( The W3 are the guardians of web standards. This tool focuses on the validity of your code markup.

No site is ever truly perfect (we learned some useful things about ourselves reviewing these tools). You can spend a lot of time and go slightly mad trying to optimise for every single metric, but a combination of tools can give you a good idea of how you’re doing. If you’re really interested in these, we can point you at several more resources.

Ask an expert to review your site

Reverse Delta is one such resource. Others are available of course.


Take-away messages:

  1. Content. Focus on your readers — what’s in it for them?
  2. Think about how well your site is doing six, twelve and eighteen months down the line after going live. You might use a tool to help with this.
  3. Keep at it.


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