Why your website is never truly finished

I’m going to try and convince you to think of your website as a living, breathing thing. You already know that it should be more than a shop window to your company (and even shop windows change their displays) and certainly more than a static brochure. Brochure sites might have been acceptable once but to keep both your visitors and search engines interested you need a steady supply of dynamic, fresh content.

The importance of great content

Reverse Delta’s recruitment clients are at an advantage because the nature of the sites means they are always generating fresh content and the all-important ‘Google juice’. But all clients need to be mindful of the need to keep on top of the site content. Don’t think of the website as a single project with a start, middle and end. The point where you’ve finally launched and ironed out any little niggles is a line in the sand and cause for celebration at reaching a significant milestone. But it’s not the Finish Line.

Search engines are fickle and have a short attention span. If they start to see an unchanged site they’ll stop coming back. Nasty machines! But the truth is they’re only doing the same as your human visitors — we all crave the new and the novel.

The good news is that all our sites are carefully optimised to interest the search engines. The slightly less good news is that exactly what interests the search engines is a moving target, so a site that measures well at launch still needs regular monitoring and maintaining. This is why you should think of your website as an ongoing task, rather than a defined task you can mark as ‘finished’ at launch.

We’ll take a look at some of the automated tools you can use to help you with this maintenance in a future blog post soon.


Take-away messages:

  1. Keep an eye on your site. Give it an owner.
  2. Keep asking yourself basic questions like: ‘what distinguishes me from the competition?’, ‘why should clients choose me?’
  3. Get this message across to your clients.