Partner focus: Trovit

FeedManager from Reverse Delta is a product based on taking your jobs from your site and spinning them far-and-wide over the web. As the web becomes more and more populated with content, and each site better and better optimised, having lots of routes to your site and your jobs is becoming more and more important.
One site we have been working with for many years now is Trovit – it’s worth looking at some of the background and workings of such a site.

Trovit is the leading classifieds search engine in Europe and Latin America. Since it was launched in 2006, it has constantly grown and is now present in 39 countries with five verticals: jobs, homes, cars, products and holiday rentals.

Trovit partners with thousands of job boards and other portals of all kinds to offer its users a complete overview of the market, saving them the time it would take to browse all those different sites. It also offers the possibility to search from a computer, tablet or smartphone, as well as the option to create email alerts to be the first to find out about new

By indexing your listings on Trovit you can diversify traffic sources and set up tailored sponsorship campaigns to suit your needs and targets at a competitive cost:

  • Reach a wider audience
    Trovit UK receives around 8 million pv/month
  • Receive new users to your website and diversify traffic sources
  • Receive free quality traffic (users come to Trovit specifically with the aim of searching for jobs, Trovit sends their users directly to the partners’ site and thus the conversion from click to application is more likely to be high
  • Join many other partners including Total Jobs, Jobsite, Reed, Job and Talent, Media Groups such as Haymarket, Redactive and Incisive Media along with newspapers like Guardian, Telegraph etc.
  • Each ad in Trovit is only shown as a snippet, (without contact details), so that the user, when interested, must then click on the ad to get the complete details. This links directly back to your website. With this model Trovit are able to send substantial amounts of traffic to partners.

Trovit also offers a premium service – allowing you to promote your ads, ensure the stability of traffic and multiply it substantially:

  • Via sponsored listings at the top and bottom of Trovit’s pages, (for relevant searches)
  • Via sponsored listings in relevant user specific email alerts
  • The possibility of ads appearing back-to-back
  • The service is CPC based and you only ever pay for the traffic you receive.

In addition, Trovit have a Segmentation Service which allows you to focus budget and maximise traffic levels by setting a higher cpc for your most important listings: (by company, by advertiser, by location, by salary, etc) and track separately.

If you’d like to know more about Trovit, Trovit’s Premium service, or FeedManager from Reverse Delta, please contact Dave Haygarth – Operations Director –