Getting meaningful traffic from Local Results in Google

A couple of clients have asked me lately what’s the best strategy for getting local search traffic for terms like [service] and [location] … i.e. “Painter in Watford” or “Recruiter in Manchester“.  The simple answer is that there isn’t a simple answer.  Of course.

Early in 2011 Google introduced what it termed “Blended Place Search“, which merged “organic” results with “Google Places” results. Remember that Google Places is a Directory and although Google tries to deliver relevance, you can make varying levels of effort to ensure that you are ‘listed’ in the Google Places directory

Again, I hope I don’t need to remind you that Google offers no ‘silver bullet’ to get good results.  Instead, you need to work on being the “best” service provider.  Sorry.

I’m not going to piggy back on anyone else’s great, original content any more – there is a rich background here on a blog bringing together loads of great resources on David Mihm’s blog: