Month: February 2010

Google Continues Efforts to Kill Off Internet Explorer 6

By Dave Haygarth   February 24, 2010  
Web designers around the world will be rejoicing that Google is taking a lead in banishing the deeply unloved Internet Explorer 6 to the annals. Those not familiar with web design probably won't know that we routinely have to 'break' code to make it work in this old browser, yet people still refuse to upgrade -- mainly corporates who lock down desktops for fear of security issues. The irony here, of course, is that IE6 is a security vulnerability in itself -- as one bright spark once remarked about Windows "its not like theres a load of back doors its more like the back of the house is missing". As we previously posted, Google launched "Chrome Frame" back in October 09, which essentially replaces Internet Explorers rendering engine (ie. the main bit inside the window) with a Google Chrome-based replacement. A stealth-like approach if ever there was one. Next, Google roundly blamed Internet Explorer for the Chinese hackings. The French and German Governments followed this with a warning to their citizens to stop using the old browser. The UK Government did not issue a warning. Microsoft have since released a patch. Google then announced dropping support for Internet Explorer 6 on its widely used GMail webmail service "this year". Yesterday, Google upped the ante by announcing it is dropping support for IE6 on YouTube - its video sharing site. Our own web stats are showing a startling demise in the use of Internet Explorer in general. In the last Month: Firefox - 46% Internet Explorer - 38% Safari - 6% Chrome - 5% Of the Internet Explorer traffic: IE8 - 52% IE7 - 32% IE6 - 15% So, farewell IE6 - you won't be missed. For those looking for an alternative, try Google Chrome or Firefox.

Google Buzz – a powerful new move from the search giants

By Dave Haygarth   February 10, 2010  
Google Buzz is possibly the most long overdue movement from Google that one could imagine. People (myself included) spend a good deal of their time sitting looking email... increasingly more on web based mail clients. To add social networking / status updates / microblogging / call-it-what-you-will to the main hub of your online experience is at best, genius, or at worst, blaringly obvious. Still - that's the beneft of hindsight...

Jobsite hacked?

By Dave Haygarth   February 9, 2010  
Some very strange stuff going on - even SEO expert Dave Naylor hasn't quite got to the bottom of it. It seems some spammers/hackers are managing to redirect people from legit sites to dodgy online shops selling Windows 7. Jobsite especially seem to have fallen victim to this attack. See and A bit scary. Looking forward to finding out what has happened here -- could be very powerful in the wrong hands and totally screw up the search engine indices for everyone.