Google’s cheeky answer to Internet Explorer’s shortcomings

Google has made a cheeky and brave attempt to fix Microsoft’s Internet Explorer shortcomings, by encouraging Internet Explorer users to use the Google Chrome rendering engine inside Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 – in particular -has no support from Microsoft and has

Working as a plugin for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome Frame leaves the rendering of the page to Chrome.

Google says this will lead to better browser performance for Internet Explorer users, thanks to a faster JavaScript engine, support for HTML 5 and better CSS handling. PC Pro’s own tests have repeatedly shown that Chrome far outstrips Internet Explorer in terms of raw performance, using JavaScript benchmarks such as SunSpider.

Google allows web developers to trigger Chrome Frame by inserting a single line of code into their webpages:

The switch of rendering engines is achieved using a tag Microsoft invented to emulate compatibility with older versions of Internet Explorer.