UK Traffic to Twitter increased 22-fold in last 12 months – 30th biggest source of traffic to other sites

According to Hitwise, “the leader in online competitive intelligence”, traffic to has grown by a massive 22 times in the last 12 months, with 93% of that growth occurring in 2009. This is amazing growth for such a new site and to be applauded.

Interestingly, for web marketeers, Twitter is now the 30th biggest source of traffic to sites – driven by people posting links in their tweets (Twitter messages).

We are seeing a lot of traffic to our sites from Twitter and strongly recommend including it in the online marketing mix.

In the recruitment sector we have been feeding our recruitment clients jobs to Twitter both by using RSS feeds built into our FXRecruiter e-recruitment website system and also by sending XML feeds to Workhound who use them in their TwitterJobSearch site.

If you are a recruiter and are interested in feeding your jobs to Twitter and also to the other job search engines (including Indeed, Trovit, SimplyHired) then get in touch!