Reverse Search Engines

Due to our company name “Reverse Delta” and the fact that we do a lot of “Search Engine Optimisation” work, our web analytics show a lot of people landing on our site for the search term “reverse search engine” (which we are at #1 in Google for).

I really wish we had one, as I’m sure we could sell a lot of copies!

I think what people are actually looking for are what are termed “keyword analysis tools” — I think they want to find out what keywords people use to find things, so that they can optimise their websites for these phrases, and these tools are very useful in finding related terms.

The lesson here is that looking at your web analytics is a great way to find out what people are looking for. It can help you decide what areas of your site require further optimisation, and also areas that you could in fact focus more on.

For keyword research, we recommend free tools from Google (this is intended for AdWords users but also works well for SEO), and also the paid for service from WordTracker.

For web analytics, we recommend the free Google Analytics software.

If you need any help or advice with these, then please feel free to contact us.