By: Dave Haygarth On: February 06, 2009 In: Clients Comments: 2

I’m working at the moment to help a client – Solomon Commercials – get more search traffic for their website. They make Refrigerated Rigid truck conversions that you and I have probably driven past a thousand times or more on the roads without giving them a second thought.

Having spent a while in meetings with them and trying to understand the nature of this fairly niche industry – I had the great pleasure of a tour round the factory earlier today. I lit up like a little boy. A real, full on, heavy machinery factory tour. I’ll never look at a refrigerated panel van or truck in the same way ever again.

Enjoy the tour below in the gallery.

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    • Harry Wood
    • February 09, 2009
    • Reply

    It’s good. I worked for a year and half in a swiss manufacturing complex where they made power plant components. I never got to see a single turbine. Dont they realise, sometimes IT people need some inspiration!?

    • Dave Bancroft
    • February 20, 2009
    • Reply

    Hey Harry – long time no see. I got to go round a chocolate factory this week…heck I was hungry by the end of it!

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