Get to #1 in Google for … well … anything!

Very HandsomeIt’s a claim we can now make without reservation: we can get you to number one in Google for any term you like.  Yes – there is a small catch…!

An interesting new feature of Google searches for people with a Google Account is that you can personally doctor your search results page.

Google’s searchwiki is a new concept allowing people to cutomise their own web search results. By adding or moving search results to suit your custom needs, you can ensure that the search engine starts to blur between a mesh of organic results, paid results and now your own ‘bookmarks’.

Google SearchWiki is one of those worrying concepts.  Whilst it claims – thankfully – that people doctoring their own view of Google Search results does not affect the ‘real’ search results, you could see that a cynic may think this is heading for another part of Google’s search algorithm.  If 10,000 people started adding Reverse Delta to the top of their ‘own’ search results for the keyword phrase ‘Very Handsome’, surely Google would be tempted to think that the folks out there had a point (extreme example alert!).  I know it sounds silly, but why would this possibly be in Google’s interests if it wasn’t going to take some knowledge from how people use the searchwiki.