Nothing new here, but a good starter guide for newbies, and a reminder of the basics.


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    • Pete
    • November 19, 2008
    • Reply

    I’d seen this earlier and it’s important to point out for your clients. We get a good deal of info through about SEO for recruitment websites from Reverse Delta but something like this – a well presented beginner’s guide to SEO, recruitment companies like ours can start to understand! … and I didn’t mention the term ‘for dummies’ !!

    • Dave Haygarth
    • November 19, 2008
    • Reply

    Thanks for the comment Pete. Google’s document above isn’t just about Recruitment SEO, although recruitment is a good microcosm of the SEO world. If SEO means “getting jobs listed in google” to you, it can just as easily mean getting your products listed in google to someone running an e-commerce website. The beauty of Google’s SEO guide here is that it strips it down to the basic principles that should apply to any webmaster or online vbusiness owner: SEO for recruitment websites is basically the same priciples as any good SEO work.

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