Happy Birthday Google!

On the 7th of September, it will be 10 years since Google was first formed by Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They rose metiorically to be the kings of the search engine at a time when search engines were getting increasingly important as the web grew and grew.

They are now at such a size, with a wide range of products and services that even the colossus Microsoft is getting the jitters.

It’s latest offering is a web browser. On initial inspection Google’s Chrome browser looks fantastic. It is much less cluttered than other browsers, but more importantly it is very fast, using multi-threading techniques and advanced memory management to keep it running smoothly.

Also, interestingly, Microsoft are not only concerned about the challenge to Internet Explorer’s dominance; Google Gears has been around for a while but is now part of the browser. This allows you to store data used in your Google Apps (Word and Excel replacements) on your own PC. This means you can still use your Google Apps if you don’t have an internet connection: one of the limitations of Google’s online Apps when compared with Microsoft Office.

Some are saying this is more than a browser: Chrome + Gears may well turn out to be the new desktop operating system – a serious threat to Microsoft’s dominance.

Early days, but this is surely the technology of the future: all your apps online, data stored in the cloud, and monthly subscriptions – like TV. The software companies certainly want us to go that way: it will reduce software piracy; make rolling out new versions much simpler and overall keep much tighter control over their intellectual property.

With YouTube threatening the dominance of the big TV companies and the Google Phone, Google are getting bigger all the time: an incredible growth in such a short time.

Happy Birthday Google!