The iPlayer and the bandwidth timebomb

The battle royale has begun in earnest between the big content providers and the Internet Service Providers.

Whilst the ISPs have been under great pressure to punish people for illegal music downloads (or is it uploads… it’s still unclear), they have been happy to blame UK bandwidth problems on suppliers (or is it users?) of bandwidth-heavy services like BBCs iPlayer and Channel 4’s 4OD.

But the BBC’s Ashley Highfield, head of future media and technology, claimed last week that ISPs should get themselves in order, saying “unlimited broadband” should mean just that, not “slowed down when you approach a limit” and that the use of “up to” should be banned in ads. He also offered to name and shame ISPs that tried to charge content providers. “If ISPs start charging content providers, the customer will not know which content will work well over their chosen ISP, and what content may have been throttled for non-payment of a levy.”

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