How NOT To Run a Pay-Per-Click Adwords Campaign

A recent search for “Acoustic Energy Speakers” turned up a listing from a company called “Audio Excellence”.

Clicking on this link will have cost them whatever they bid for the keyword phrase mentioned. Given that they were about the 3rd or 4th link down, we can assume this will have cost a few pounds (or dollars as it turns out).

So what was wrong with this campaign?

1) The link returns an error:
The requested URL /index.asp was not found on this server.

2) Upon navigating to their homepage, I found they were a US site, advertising in Dollars with no information about whether they ship outside the US — I searched Almost all the other links are for UK based companies.

3) Worse still, they don’t actually have any ‘Acoustic Energy Speakers’ on their site.

Lessons Learned

a) Be careful what keywords you bid for, or you will end up paying for clicks that generate no business.

b) Target the countries that you can service: don’t bid worldwide if your market is local

c) Test and Monitor your Ads and your campaigns

d) Don’t link your ads to non-existent pages, or at least provide an automated redirect to your homepage.