Want broadband? Use your mobile

I’ve been using my 3G mobile (a Nokia N73) to access the internet whilst out and about for some time now.  It seems a logical twinning; the 3G speed is fast (much quicker than dial up), but not lightening fast. When you’re on a train or in another office at a meeting, you don’t normally want to hammer bandwidth by downloading or streaming huge files anyway.

Just before Christmas, 3 and T-Mobile announced they were merging their networks to improve mobile internet coverage – and to up the speed. By the end of 2009 they plan to have 13,000 sites, covering 98% of the population with a mobile broadband network capable of speeds up to 7.2 Mb per second – or nearly twice the current typical home broadband speeds – and nearly 20 times faster than existing 3G services.

T-Mobile’s 3G network now covers about 85% of the UK, while 3 covers about 90%. The geographic gaps will be plugged by the joint venture.

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