Frustrated by Apple’s Lock-ins

Apple have today announced their upgrades to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Web apps (at a price), email at last and some more toys. Still no bluetooth on the iPod Touch and still no 3G/HSDPA on the iPhone — damn them!!

If I could buy an Apple iPod Touch and connect it to a mobile via Bluetooth to browse the web and use email, I would buy one tomorrow and say bye-bye to my Windows Mobile device. Similarly, if I could get an iPhone that was not locked to O2 and supported HSDPA (the mobile equivalent of broadband) rather than 2g (the mobile equivalent of a dialup modem) I would buy one.

Can anyone explain why Apple don’t want me to do this? Opening up Bluetooth on the iPod would seriously dent sales of iPhone and not tying iPhone to a network would lose them loads of money. Damn them damn them!!!

Anyway, in the meantime, I will have to put up with a Windows Mobile (either HTC Tytn or HTC Cruise), with its great price (almost free or at least very cheap), HSDPA, possibly Tomtom and GPS, cheap contract, but shitty web browsing experience.

Damn Apple!!