By: Dave Haygarth On: November 01, 2007 In: Web news Comments: 2

Google, the world’s most popular internet search engine, has joined the corporate super-league with a market value that places it in the US top five companies.

Ten years after its creation in a Stanford University dormitory, the Silicon Valley firm’s capitalisation reached £105bn on Tuesday – overtaking healthcare titan Procter & Gamble to place it in fifth place on the US stock market.

Only ExxonMobil, General Electric, Microsoft and the telecoms company AT&T are bigger than Google.

Its shares powered past yet another milestone yesterday as they touched $700 for the first time, less than a month after reaching the $600 mark. By mid-morning in New York, they were up $5.27 to $700.04. Google’s growth spurt has been driven by seemingly unstoppable profits.

Here at Reverse Delta, we obviously spend a bit of time tracking Google and the way it works. We hope that the growth tails off soon; if there’s anything bad for the search sector, it’ll be a monopoly.

Remember all the other general search engines, too – whilst they are not popular (so not much worth for concentrating our SEO work on), they’re handy to have if you just can’t find what you’re looking for in Google ….

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    • Lisa
    • November 04, 2007
    • Reply

    Nice to see someone helping people remember that there are actually other search engines besides Google (and Yahoo and MSN/Live). Gigablast and Exalead definitely have quality indexes, and your readers may also want to check out the small — but growing — UK based engine, Mojeek.

    Zuula is a nice site for quick access to almost all of these major and not-so-major search engines. Each engine gets a tab within the site; the tabs can be drag-n-dropped so that your own personal search engine is the default And there a number of different supported search types (web, image, news, blog, and even jobs).

    • Dave Bancroft
    • November 04, 2007
    • Reply

    Zuula looks interesting and could be useful. I’ve seen a few of these “meta search engines” over the years but this is an interesting way of doing it. Its a shame the tabs don’t work in more of an Ajax way so that the whole page does not need to refresh but i guess that would make the initial page load extremely slow. Anyway, a useful tool for SEO and for searching in general. Thanks!

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