Month: November 2007

Coming Soon: The Wind-Up Web Machine

By Dave Haygarth   November 30, 2007  
In case you missed it in the Guardian last week, Stephen Fry's new gadget column was about "Eco" - a wind-up media player from Trevor Baylis, inventor of such great devices as the wind up radio.It features a 1.8" screen, and 2 gigabytes of internal memory, which holds around 500 songs, and this can be expanded by adding an SD Memory Card. It's "Dual Power system" uses an Internal Lithium Ion battery that can be recharged from a PC's USB port. The "ECO-Dynamo system" provides approx 40 minutes audio play time for each 1 minute of winding up.Looks wise it does not beat the iPod, but what a great (and green) idea. It has a host of other features, from file storage, misc and video players as well as being able to charge up your phone and incorporating a torch :)How long before he produces a device with a web browser on it, so we can wind up and browse?

Google searches for cheap green fuel

By Dave Haygarth   November 28, 2007  
An interesting development from a huge global company with little or no reliance on the oil indeustry - a rare thing!Google aims to develop cheap and clean sources of energy to replace polluting fossil fuels and tackle global warming. The company said last night it would invest "hundreds of millions" of dollars in the project.Google will focus initially on solar thermal power, wind power, geothermal systems and other "potential breakthrough" technologies. It wants to find cheaper, less polluting ways to supply its own demand for energy, as well as accelerate the replacement of fossil fuels for worldwide electricity generation.Read more here...Google to pour millions into search for cheap green fuel | Environment | The Guardian

What if Google had to follow its own guidelines?

By Dave Haygarth   November 27, 2007  
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the reason that so many familiar sites have common features we're just used to seeing...So what would happen if Google, with their famously minimalist and uber-useful search page, had to redesign that page to be read by the Googlebot? Something like this.If you're as geeky as us, you'll giggle at it...

Getting the best from online recruitment

By Dave Haygarth   November 22, 2007  
We spend a great deal of our time on recruitment website design and build, and also a good deal of time reviewing many more of them. If there was one single bit of advice on getting the most out of your online recruitment, we'd almost always say 'let the job board do the talking' - get the content of the job board out there and accessible - both to site users and to search engines.In a great article on the OnRec website, Steve Crosbie goes through the details of how to use your website properly - as the marketing tool it is - covering lots of angles well. Read the full article here.

(Christmas) Email Marketing Campaign Tips

By Dave Haygarth   November 12, 2007  
The excellent e-consultancy have published a great guide: 12 tips for Xmas Email Campaigns -- and these are not just relevant to christmas.Want help with your email marketing? Let us know - we have email marketing software and have been running successful email marketing campaigns for clients for a number of years.

Online Retailers Set for a Happy Christmas

By Dave Haygarth   November 12, 2007  
BBC News is today reporting stats from Forrester Research predicting sales of £13.8 Billion - an increase of 42% on last year. This is great news for online retailers who, according to Uswitch are looking at their best year ever, with sales totaling up to £40 Billion for 2007.It's evident by the number of TV ads already encouraging shopping online, that many will be avoiding the queues and staying at home to do their christmas shopping. I know I will be!

m-commerce: shopping or just paying?

By Dave Haygarth   November 5, 2007  
Industry experts are struggling to define exactly what m-commerce means. No doubt that the mobile will be an essential part of the online shopping mix, but will the phone be a realistic browsing medium or simply a method of payment?More here.

Copywriting Hints and Tips

By Dave Haygarth   November 4, 2007  
Copyblogger has a lot of great information on how to write good online copy.Check it out here.

Google reaches top 5 companies in US

By Dave Haygarth   November 1, 2007  
Google, the world's most popular internet search engine, has joined the corporate super-league with a market value that places it in the US top five companies.Ten years after its creation in a Stanford University dormitory, the Silicon Valley firm's capitalisation reached £105bn on Tuesday - overtaking healthcare titan Procter & Gamble to place it in fifth place on the US stock market.Only ExxonMobil, General Electric, Microsoft and the telecoms company AT&T are bigger than Google.Its shares powered past yet another milestone yesterday as they touched $700 for the first time, less than a month after reaching the $600 mark. By mid-morning in New York, they were up $5.27 to $700.04. Google's growth spurt has been driven by seemingly unstoppable profits.Here at Reverse Delta, we obviously spend a bit of time tracking Google and the way it works. We hope that the growth tails off soon; if there's anything bad for the search sector, it'll be a monopoly.Remember all the other general search engines, too - whilst they are not popular (so not much worth for concentrating our SEO work on), they're handy to have if you just can't find what you're looking for in Google ....Alexa Internet (formerly Ask Jeeves) Exalead Gigablast Live Search (formerly MSN Search) MozDex Yahoo! Search Altavista